Infinite Cookies

I’ve spent much of the night in a cookie mood, now I have someone to blame ; )

He better have a portal in his stomach too.

This shirt is a dream come true - for everyone, not just CM.


Does he ever get to taste them, or do they just cycle through perpetually?

I could never wear this because I would be finding myself stopping at the market for some chips ahoy or something every time I wore it.

Uh, wait a minute…
If the blue portal is his mouth, then the yellowish circle is his… OM MY GOODNESS. Eep! ick!


With that mouth, he looks more like the blue Yip Yip than Cookie Monster.

Congrats Chris!

I feel so much better knowing I wasn’t the only one to think this!

The cookie is a lie!

I’m confused on how the cookies are infinite. I’m well aware of the references but that’s just not the way the portals work. That makes me a sad panda.

Logic has been broken… one thing remains. COOKIES!!!

The top portal really should be red or turquoise to imply that his co-op buddy is pumping in some cookies for him, not that he’s in a never-ending loop of cookie teasing hell.

It’s like a cookie centipede!

I can hear him screaming it now:


I love the personality spheres as the eyes