Infinite Doughnut

Homer Simpson would go nuts for this.

Who knocked over the 8 donut?

This one’s gonna last me a while!

Homer Simpson is currently dying happy.

This is clearly not a good idea. When are policemen going to get any work done if they have infinite donuts? I sense an evil master plan.

For whatever reason, my first thought was, “This should totally be a Mario Kart map.”

Infinitely on [sugar] high?

Must have this…mmmmmmmm, doughnut!

Once again, shirt.woot, you inspired my breakfast!

They should’ve added a twist to the donut, making it a [link=]Möbius[/link] donut.

To the Krispy Kreme!

I go nuts for doughnuts!

Infinity is full of stars . . . and icing.

Priviledged wooters, behold a glimpse into cop heaven!

How odd that I am craving donuts right now…
Look, it has STAR sprinkles!

2 Homer Simpson referencs, 2 cop references. All in less than 7 minutes.

Nice job Team Woot!

I just read the creator info and it seems Woot wants us to become cannibals and eat the bloody jelly of jott! Creepy…

Clearly, the demon in this Simpsons episode should have used an infinite donut for Homer’s punishment instead of all the donuts in the world!

This would have been 4000 times better if it was a mobius donut. Never-ending icing…mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.