Infni 10.4” LCD Multimedia Digital Photo Frame

Infni 10.4” LCD Multimedia Digital Photo Frame

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$150 for a picture /frame
i dont get these things

… right. never understood the want for these, especially for the price.

Hmmm… Some similiar models:
120 GB … $264+ some others

Froogle Digital Picture frames…

Shopzilla Digital picture frames…

PriceGrabber Digital photo frames…

Had some troubles with the brand.


why not just buy a monitor and hang it on the wall?
oh well…

hard to find this exact one… so here’s some comparison links for you to compare with this for comparison’s sake… holler.

Shopzilla has a bunch starting at $100… nice.

BizRate has some from $150… eh.

Nextag has some from $130… but not enough.

MSN Shopping has some from $120… decent.

Cnet has a few… one with a 5.9 rating… not good.

James bond style

You can pretty much get that anyday at that price!

Best froogle I could find

Does it come w/ annoying Daleks?

Awww the woot spooked me for a sec! For about .001 seconds, i was thinking about buying a $150 Dalek!

going to buy two for christmas presents woot!




They’re still making these things? These tanked from the get-go when the concept was first introduced…

Seems like a great deal…I’ve seen 1/2 the size for the same price or more.

buy one or you will be exterminated! Exterminate!! Exterminate!!! Exterminate!!!

yeah, I never figured out why these cost so much…

These seriously don’t seem worth the money. You might as well buy a portable DVD player or something, and use that. IT’d be cheaper, too.

i’ve always wanted one of these things but didn’t realize how expensive they are. well, whoever buys, i hope you like it!