InFocus 50” Ultra-Thin DLP High Definition TV


[imgleft][/imgleft] Monday, November 07, 2005


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high definition! oh shoot…

edit: I am really disturbed by the image pictured on the TV. Wtf?


tv = too expensive, sorry

see you tomorrow woot, or when I have 2 grand to spend on a tv

oh, and remind me never to rent whatever movie you guys are watching :wtf:


nice, wish i had the cash!


I want one!!! I wish I was rich!

That horse has good taste in women. She’s cute, if not a little bit freaky.


Ouch… I’ve been a VERY good little girl, Santa…

And I could be a very BAD little girl if it’d get me one of these… :wink:


nuts, I already got one


I think it’s kinda funny that you actually took the time to “apologize,” gimmaroon. While I appreciate it, I’m still angry and, perhaps, will forever be. Just kidding. I’m pretty over it. I did think it was woot, though, so thanks for clearing that up (I had not seen your other post).

…and no marklog, I will never grow up.

Now that I have wooted, I’m going to go take a shower and hopefully get to bed soon after that.


Woo it’s getting cheap! I wish I had the cash to get one of these babies…


Nice, but kinda pricy!


[color=E0E0E0]REST AND WOOTLAXATION ™ - Everyone should ensure they get their fair share of both [:)]

InFocus 50” Ultra-Thin DLP High Definition TV $1,999.99 + $5 shipping

Best Froogle price - $2529 + $226 SHIPPING!! (Ouch!)

Hey… other good bargains can be found at that w.w.w thingee below [:)]


yeah another tv


the lack of The Matrix set is the deal-breaker for me…and definitely not my $150 budget


1st page?

not for me - but looks like a nice Woot :slight_smile:


DAMMM! cant afford this S@%#!


nice woot, but i’m poor. sleep time.


Love to have it, but waaaaaay out of my league.


wow I stayed up for something way out of my price range


another infocus…just got a Samsung 50"DLP…no woot for me!