InFocus 50” Ultra-Thin DLP High Definition TV


and we thought the pre-amp was the woot-off killer


this is a woot off killer.


lets hope there is only 3 of these…ha ha ha lol


Um…is anyone else completely creeped out by the picture on the TV?


WOot off dead if more than 10 of these lol


let me just get that extra $2000 i’ve been saving in my underpants… oh wait, that’s not money!


Looks great but i will wait for a native 1080p


can it hang on my wall?

humm has to hang on the wall.


Please, oh Woot Gods, please let there be only one or two…


I can hear it now… thousands of wooters calling home, “but honey, it is a great deal!.. and our old set is almost a year old! pleeeeeeeeeeeazzz”"…


How about a Bride of Chucky?


For the love of the great Woot! Please let this be just 5 TV’s




Gee, only $1,999. Expensive WOOT = Bad WOOT


Looks great but i will wait for a native 1080p


Sorry Woot, I can’t afford a TV that costs more than my car… This one might sit a while. Great deal though. Donations???


Is the next item going to end up being real estate in new york? How many people are going to be able to afford this thing?


I’m sure this TV is just as incredible as the 61" that comes periodically but I just bought a 42" Sony DLP Grand WEGA. This may become a Wootoff killer.


We have a 42" Samsung plasma that’s a few years old now. It’s gonna have to last a few more… That’s a hot price, but I hope somebody out there has deeper pockets than I do or this WootOff is gone, daddy, gone…