InFocus 61” DLP HDTV w/ Accessory Kit and Surge Protector

[imgleft][/imgleft] Monday, November 21, 2005

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Wooters weigh in, again:

[]After getting info from In Focus Corporate Customer Service,blackCompG hit the big, orange button.
]cvg1arrsays delivery was “awesome” and now he’s got to see how things go with the service dept.
[]97camaro provides review links
]Among the many happy purchasers, like rustybender and DiJohnson, not all have had a great experience, as expressed by honorsys and Jaxidian. (Snapster says the service guys are taking care of honorsys’s issues.)
[]robsachs links to the “Big Screen TV Accessory Kit”
]After owning one for a week, 78fj40 offers a list of “things I’m beginning to dislike about this set.” But Controller, rustybender and cbrbabe are all happy InFocus big-screen TV owners.
[]jefferydurbin gives the link to the In Focus “Service and Support” page, which provides useful info, including the pdf User Guide.
]blackCompG puts together a preparation list, in anticipation of the 61" delivery.
[*]HERBIETHEHIPPO found a great quality stand for a reasonable price.


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too much for me lol

man if only i had the money

no more TV’s!

I have enough TVs

That’s a lot of money!

Wow, looks exactly the same as the last time they had this thing, except now they’re throwing in an accessory kit. Seriously, where are the woots for normal people with normal budgets?

too much for me

a little much for my wooting, looks like it’d be fun though :slight_smile:

Honestly…Big TV’s get a little old…

How many infocus TVs does woot have? let me know when the price drops under $400

ROFL. Um. no

Not a rio. BIG E

Dangit! No room, can’t afford. See U 2morrow!

Too rich for my blood…

wtf, who has this kinda of money?? good price though**** first page!



Hmm, nice but cant afford shrug

Wish I had the money for this TV :frowning:

too rich for my blood