InFocus 61" DLP Ultra-Thin HDTV with Accessory Kit

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

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First, hear from posters who have experience w/ this InFocus 61" TV. Previous discussions:

…then, for today’s “Talking Points”, get real “fair and balanced” news from these Quality Posts:
[]What’s with the image on the screen? joe1991, smartheart, mpeters13, jdecock, and NavyStore get the joke
]p2, n3uka has an insightful Amazon review
[]p3, demfourlife says “The picture is breathtaking”
]p3, nolatech says “I just received mine…it is very worth it”
[]p3, mikewrites insists that 720p is not the same as 1080i
]p3, lincar explins (sic) his concerns about resolution
[]p4, ShaHam knows two other people who own it and says “All 3 of us are loving it”
]p4, sowen2 links to a 360-degree view of the TV
[]p4, Goanna gets into the details of CRTs vs. Plasma TVs vs. LCDs, etc.
]p5, eight4 disagrees with Goanna’s opinion
[]p5, billw3 says “I bought one of these in September and absolutely have no regrets”
]p6, donmacjr bought one in October and wall-mounted it
[]p6, duker8888 is also a happy owner of this TV
]p6, Ldaco says “It’s a great TV”
[]p6, donmacjr posts two excellent links; one, to a forum discussion on this model and the other, to “action” photos.
]p7, iwuvwoottwoowy delivers the smackdown on the 720p haters
[]p8, trevor2k shows us some pics of the TV installed, culled from previous discussions
]p8, delgas lays it all out for those confused about 720p vs. 1080i
[]p8, Diachron owns this TV and shares “A few random thoughts”
]p8, jeffreydurbin guides n00bz through the shipping process for these TVs

im getting 3 as stocking stuffers

Sweet, Ive been waiting for this to come back around.



Nice woot…

Yikes! Nice TV! need money :frowning:

No Matrix DVD’s!!! I’ll pass!!

Wow, again so soon! I have one and it is awesome.

And I just flushed my last 2500 down the toilet for fun yesterday.

Too expensive for me!
nice w00t though!

Holy w00tness, it’s incredible!

Nice Woot already have a bigscreen though, Nite


O’Riley is da bomb! TV is costly! LATAAA!

I suppose o’reilley doesn’t like woot

OK, I would really like one of these if I had the money…

OK, I would really like one of these if I had the money…

Best ‘news articles’ of the year!

I woot wish…nice though