InFocus 61” DLP Ultra-Thin HDTV with Random Crap

I realize the infamous B.O.C. is a big draw for Woot, but really, is anyone going to buy a 61" TV just to get the B.O.C.? If any of you actually base your decision to purchase this one and spend $2500 because of the bag of crap, please post, I’d love to know there’s someone out there with that much disposal income. :slight_smile:

i wonder how many people will buy this when they see the word random crap, or i remember earlier one guy said he had a script that automatically could buy when it saw those words. Woot is being sneaky.

Please, oh please, someone buy three by mistake! I would find it so funny that someone might buy three thinking it would be three BOCs.

Lemme guess monster cables with it?

That must cost 100 bux to ship or more…

Holy crap.

Well, this is one way to insure you get a BIG SCREEN with your Beverage Of Choice.

Smart move WOOT!!!

This is an awesome TV – I have one myself. Also a great deal — New shipped from InFocus they will run about $3,200.

wow, I’m suprised that woot is actually goin to stop selling the 61" tv…it almost makes me sad…well, at least if you buy one, you get bragging rites AND a Baggie of crapola…now how to get about $2500…if only the couch cusions would put out that kind of dough I’d be set…

I love you woot…but no 61 inches worth…hopefully now that the Infocus is retired you’ll find something even cooler to replace it with…ie DLP projector…

Where oh where is the 50" ?

I have been waiting for months…

This is too big for my rental house

froogle shows tirger direct at the lowest price


TigerDirect has it for $2599. So that better be some good random crap to make it worth it…

Anyone want to split this with me - you take the tv? I take the Bagga. Price proportionate.

Got a 50" LCD so I don’t need the 61…but could use the Bag Of Condoms

wow, people are just jumping all over this one!! 10 minutes in and noone’s bought one!
Time to first woot: 2 hours!!!

Best woot ever!


This is the last time a woot will ever be wasted with this damn TV! :smiley: :smiley:

Wow I was oping these things would last until I had the money, which will be when I can sell a kidney. And a bagocrap too. Why can’t I be rich?

I see woot took my advise and added a Bag of Crap to the tv to sweeten the deal…
just think you will get something refurbished…

that will keep the bag of crap from selling out in less than a minute.

Goodbye ol’ friend… So long little buddy… I only had 249998 pennies left till you would have been mine. No matter what the WOOT gods say, I’m sure it will be back… Hey look, another penny.

what happens if you ge tthis tv and its broken during shipping…do you tell woot or infocus? seems like an awfully big thing to be shipped for 5 bucks and still be together when it arrives.