InFocus IN72 Home Entertainment DLP Projector



These are great. I added 3 to our work inventory when they wre on woot a couple of weeks back. Fantastic quality… I would recomend them to anyone looking for a high end projector for work or home.


Nice buy


How long is the string?




I’d probably do it, but I just bought a 60" HD.


Same price as a regular day!


I’m out. No more Woot-offs for me.


Good projector but man, i already have one and we need some faster woot items here.

Woot Watch: 100% Left


I want Bag of Crap


This will be here forever…NAP time!


There it is! Was wondering about it’s absence :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a refurb it would appear - nice and new.


where are my carrots and cabbage???


Ahh relief finally I can step out of the loo and go to work!


I JUST bought one the other day, what the hell do you expect of me woot?


let me project my angst


At this price they should really fly off of the shelf. Buy Buy Buy


There better be only five of these.


Mine is on the fedex truck coming today. Replacement of my 4805 which bulb just went out on.


I heard you get a free PS3 with this and yes it is ready for Vista