InFocus IN72 Home Entertainment DLP Projector



went through all the comparison sites… found some good ones… the woot, however, is better… check the blog and enjoy… p.s. i enjoyed yesterdays 2-fer thuroughly… (did i spell that right?)… ps, infocus plus woot equals always a winning deal… serious


InFocus IN72 Home Entertainment DLP Projector

  • $5 shipping
    1 InFocus IN72 Home Entertainment DLP Projector
    1 $200 Infocus Mail in Rebate


Sure, right after I painted my main wall red…


I bet this would even work well in a wind tunnel!


i bought one last time during the woot off, i highly reccomend it!


What is the best method of displaying a projector within a home?


woa…any good?


Not bad! Retails for $800!


Hmm, looks like the Alien head is back. I wonder if I attach one of these to a Roomba if I will get moving pictures.


its not 599 its 399 after rebate


I do own this. Payed far much more ( over 200 dollars more) Not including the rebate… Works very good for outside parties, at night or course.


I like to mount them on plaques and put them on my walls.


Can anyone say ANALOG - Native Resolution: 854×480

Nite Nite Wooters


$399 after rebate… Not Bad at all…
Have a 52" HD already tho… :stuck_out_tongue:


Nope. It is “thoroughly”.
The ellipsis is not a comma, either.


Decent woot, considering the $200 mail-in.


Too bad I’m not in the market for one.

It IS about time for a Brigade Of Cavemen, however.


900 lumens?!??!?! he junks i sell at work are at the minimum 1800 and there like 500 bucks. not a good woot at all, bring back the ehadsets.


is woot trying to get everyone who uses this site to buy one of these? they have this item with the same price probably at least twice a month. then during a woot-off. gimme something good!


Will this work good with a little bit of light, i need some feedback please, im really considering buying! WOOT!