InFocus Screenplay 4800 DLP Projector


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I think that we’ll be seeing a lot more people these days with the increased popularity of WOOT. But I think this will benefit all of us as they will probably be able to offer even lower prices. I am looking forward to WOOT 2.0. Should be pretty interesting to see what they come up with.

I mean look how quickly the mp3 players sold out. I am sure the increased numbers had something to do with it.

Best Price on FROOGLE is $649. Again WOOT blows away the competition. … Great deals, coupon codes and Freebies

hmm… forums having a problem tonight?


Is it just me, or has the woot quality/pricing improved since the WSJ article?

FYI… compare this review to the description…

and this:

Not a bad woot unless you’re working the night shift…


It was a good deal before, and it’s a good deal again. The only thing that worries me is the 90-day warranty…my brother has an InFocus X1 (almost identical to the 4800) and it has had to be shipped back to the factory twice for color wheel problems. Fortunately his is under warranty, but the problems happened a long time after the first 90 days.


Nice wOOt, but dont need it. Any more 5.1 mystery speakers?



I would also like Woot to sell HARD DRIVES!!!



[color=red:efe883644b]Hmmmm, interesting that the high dollar goodies come back for a second round after the WSJ article. :stuck_out_tongue: [/color]

InFocus Screenplay 4800 DLP Projector
Don’t hate the ScreenPlaya – hate the game
$499.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling

Let’s get serious. Who doesn’t, in his or her heart of hearts, covet a home theater projector? Show us the movie buff who doesn’t crave bigger, better thrills. Introduce us to the kids who wouldn’t enjoy an impromptu drive-in show on the garage door. We’d like to meet the sports fan who wouldn’t weep with joy to watch the Final Four on a 200” screen. And verily, breathes there a gamer alive who doesn’t yearn for the undead in Doom III to come to vivid life in bigger-than-life size?

Yes, when it comes to our collective widescreen home-theater jones, we are all craven, covetous sinners. And Woot! is here to indulge your weakness with the premium InFocus ScreenPlay 4800 digital light projector at a price so low you’ll want an extra one for the bathroom.

You get what you pay for, you say? In this case, you get more. You don’t need us to tell you that InFocus is the premier manufacturer of home theater components, supplying some 49% of the home market. DLP technology makes home projector images sharper, brighter and more lifelike than ever before, and nobody does it like InFocus. You probably know that the 4800 is the home theater version of their highly popular X1 business projector, but with true home video quality. Indeed, at 2000:1, it boasts the best video contrast in its class. And while it’s not quite up to the dazzling standard of the ScreenPlay 4805, it’s as close as you can get at a fraction of the price.

So go ahead and browse the specs below. Google up some reviews. Check eBay for prices. Do all the little things you Wooters do – but do them in a hurry or some other chump will get his hands on your ScreenPlay 4800.

DLP projector (compatible with HDTV/SDTV formats — when connected to a separate HDTV tuner)
16:9 Default aspect ratio at 800×450, 4:3 supported at 800×600)
Texas Instruments dual-mode DDR chip (800×600 pixels)
Faroudja FLI2200 DCDi de-interlacer with 3-2 pulldown processing
Contrast ratio: 1000:1 in video mode and 2000:1 in data mode
Light output: 550 ANSI lumens in video mode, 1100 in data mode
Auto-calibrating 4-segment, 2x-speed color wheel (3-segment in Video mode for higher quality video and color accuracy)
Digital keystone correction (±20° vertical)
Reverse image settings for ceiling mounting and rear projection
Compatible with NTSC, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M or PAL-N signals
1.2X manual zoom/focus lens
150W SHP lamp (4000-hour rated life)
Maximum Screen Size200”
Power Save automatic lamp turn-off
Cooling fan (37 dB)
illuminated remote control
1 composite video
1 S-video (component-to-S-video adapter cable included — accepts 480i signals)
1 RGB (HD-compatible component-to-RGB adapter cable included — accepts 1080i/720p/480p signals)
USB port
built-in mono speaker (2.5 watts)
9-13/16”W x 4-7/16”H x 12-9/16”D
weight: 6.8 lbs.
Condition: Refurbished by Infocus
Warranty: 90 day parts and labor direct from InFocus[/img]


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money seems to escape me…



Want Bag o Crap


How much for a replacement bulb?!?!!? whine whine whine



If you’re seriously considering buying this you might want to check out the 16 pages of comments from the last time Woot offered this item — There is some good info provided on those pages.


yeah!!! maybe a 12" sub to go with the rockford fosgate setup


Remember, it’s refurbished.

But this is perfect for all of the investment bankers out there who just found out about woot from the WSJ.




I could punch myself in the scrot for not having the dough to throw down on this right now. I’ve been wanting/needing to pick one up for a while now.

Dear Woot-

Please make this available again some time in September.

With warm regards always,




Already snagged the 4805.

Too bad it’s in for warranty work due to a noisy color wheel… :evil:


Got mine this time! Pretty soon I will be watching movies in style! :lol: