InFocus ScreenPlay 5700 Home Theater Projector



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InFocus ScreenPlay 5700 Home Theater Projector
$599.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Factory Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 InFocus ScreenPlay 5700 Home Theater Projector

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Darn, time for more house work.


yay! another useless woot (for me)


nice but not enough money


can I use it in the bath, because it’s been days…


In for 3, need to bathe, back later…


Just like their email said, this is the ultimate woot killah


heres the projector someone wanted earlier


o man, this is gonna take a while


I hope you only have one of these boat anchors.


Didn’t they just have one like this the other day for $1009?


Its like being repeatedly forked in the eye. This is my most productive Woot Off day at work ever…


This is going to take at least an hour.


Track Woot Tracker - Bringin it to you for the whole woot off baby! Now with sounds that I THINK are working!

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first lolcat, what do you guys think?


wth, woots are getting worse by the second :frowning:


Why doesn’t Woot! want my money?


Great Deal, Buy 3!