InFocus ScreenPlay 7200 DLP High Definition Projector


[imgleft][/imgleft]Welcome to the InFocus ScreenPlay 7200 DLP High Definition Projector topic page for Friday, July 15, 2005. Please post your questions, experiences, or pricing comments here.


SWOOT!!! ™ - The taste of sugar or a particularly good WOOT :slight_smile:

C’mon WOOT let’s see if those improvements worked. I have my fingers crossed. NICE!! FAST and smooth tonight!!!

InFocus ScreenPlay 7200 DLP High Definition Projector

Um… this might slow down the hits!! Wow! Great price, but… um… ouch…

I like the price I got when I first refreshed… it still showed $19.99 :slight_smile:

Best price on Froogle is $2500 with shipping.


Enough of this projector over and over. Does anyone ever buy it? Obviously not! But keep trying.

10 minutes past the hour and an amazing 0 units sold. Imagine that…


Wow, finally a Hi-Def projector. Oh, and no server errors! Woo-hoo! Way to go, Woot.

On the downside though…same 90-day warranty as all of the refurbed InFocus projectors, and being a DLP it has moving parts. InFocus really needs to step up and provide a reasonable warranty on these…at least a year.

Again though, congratulations to Woot on the good performance tonight. Give the IT staff a beer. This was a little weird though:


I was so sure tonight was the night!


cool projector!




first page

Was expecting BOC

What the heck am I gonna do with this anyway?


No BOC :frowning: bummer.


Pete11, whats yer user name at whats yer deal?


DOH! for a moment it said this was 19.99. when it tried to order it, it said over 2G what a rip!


woot first page


First Post !!! Nice deal .

I already got the 4805 . Thanks


too expensive for my tastes…




WHAT?!?!?!? NO BOC>!>!>!>!>!>!>


woot first page … but no need for a projector especailly one that expensive


the site is working like cake!


easy times tonight. and I bet lots of people were working the servers too. good job, woot!