InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 HD DLP Projector



InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 HD DLP Projector

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    1 InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 HD DLP Projector


I would never buy a 1,000$ + item refurbished, especially a DLP projector which light bulbs cost $300+ for?


it’s like woot reads my mind:

they know i have no money and that i want a projector… so they put up a projector i can’t afford.

thanks woot. thanks for reminding me that i hate my life and everything in it.


wow…this looks like a really good deal…DLP is the futsre of TV and Movies, I have been to a DLP cinema and it is awesome…The company that created DLP technology was right on…IT IS AWESOME


This is a nice projector … lots of nice features. But the warranty is only 90 days? If someone is going to invest $3,000 in a piece of equipment, I bet he’s going to want a warranty longer than 90 days. Woot should stand behind this product after the 90-day period.


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this is the most expensive item i’ve seen on woot in a while, too bad these bulbs burn out, and I don’t have a million dollars. hooking cables up to a projector that you have to place in the middle of your room isn’t the funest thing to hook up. night all.


I fail to understand why anyone would buy High Definition products that have to be down converted to 720i. Most of the old Network channels are broadcasting 1900 x 1020, why would you want to convert the highest possible definition to something else?

Any one with a technical response please inform me, as cost for the moment is not the issue, just resolution.

Nite Nite Wooters


This is out of my price range, use range, and trust range.

I cannot put my faith in an item that is still 3,000 but is refurbished.


I have a much less expensive (1100) Sharp XGA projector which is really nice to have and use…but honestly…3K for a refurb that only does 1280x720? I would recommend getting a nice big LCD TV that can do 1080P instead.


I want to click on the “I Want One” button, but I have to wait until the morning until I can rob the bank in order to deposit the money in my account in order to pay for it. Looks awesome, but I dont have the green. And to you feds…NO, you dont have to stake out the bank…


What is/was the most expensive woot ever?


Compare some prices…
SecretPrices … $3999 (new)

Froogle … $4115 (new)

Shopzilla … $3999 (new)

Too rich for my blood.


7000.00 dollar projector. These are really nice. We use them on our college campus. Though people like to steal them they are still a sweet item to have.


Maybe a deal for a fraternity or sorority or sportsbar, I guess…or Bill Gates.


Does it have an HDMI input? maybe throught the “M1-DA”?


Refurbished… 90 days guarantee… 3K… something is wrong here…


Does the $5 shipping include insurance?? Anyways I love my 13 inch Zenith, plus it only cost $39


Maybe DLP really stands for Drops Liquid Platinum. That would explain the price tag. Get a drip pan and it pays for itself really. Either way, after seeing the price tag I need to change my pants and go to sleep.