InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 HD DLP Projector

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InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 HD DLP Projector
$1299.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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i got links… check useful linkage for the comparison links… solid woot… definitely… so don’t trip on this top notch week starter… p.s. what was that thing last night?..

720p? Count me out.

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oooohhh, will it play Navy Seals?

Too expensive. its only 1100 ANSI Lumens.
and it only does 720P.
there are better projectors for significantly cheaper price

No need for another projector. However, If you don’t own one InFocus is the only brand you should trust.


Cheapest there is…


Besides, why do you dont really need HDMI in a projector anyway?

I cant figure out the target market.

Do you have any new movies?

People who want to watch movies on a big screen at home?

i have no need ofr a dlp projector, and woot seems to have a lot of them, so my question is…

what would an average person need a dlp projector or two? what kinds of screens would you use with these??

It’s the children and the impressionable teens; don’t you understand? 30,000 people die every year from those stupid “truth” ads.

meaning - if we wanted 1 we would have got 1 by now because of the many that have been listed

Custom-designed all-glass Carl Zeiss optics

for real, that’s hot - I don’t need a projector, but Zeiss optics, color me excited!

Oh yeah, and dang - $2179 refurb on ebay

you can buy a screen and put it up on a wall in your house. or you can get special paint on your wall for it

the day i learned about woot was when the infocus projector was on here for 600 bucks with a 200 rebate and someone showed me. i didnt get it and now every day i hate myself for it, this is why

A friend of mine has one of these. It’s incredible for watching UFC and movies. We go to his house all the time and this makes the party!