InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 HD DLP Projector



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InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 HD DLP Projector
$1199.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Yeah, now I can watch lame summer TV programming BIG STYLE!!!


if you’d like one… 2100 on amazon


No rebate?


When it comes to projectors InFocus in my opinion is the only way to go. I have owned many brands but still even this this day use an old X1 for the kids. GREAT bulb life.


new on crutchfield


gross, 720p

might as well buy a delorean while your at it.


If only I could convince the missus we need more electronics. Maybe a fancy nose hair trimmer…


Track Woot, dropping the pricegrabber, amazon and froogle links for your cheapo enjoyment! <3 Woot.

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Looks nice. Not bad price. Wouldn’t work that well in a bright room though.

NEW Plasma woot?


Yeah, but can you still make those cool little shadows on the wall?


Enjoy buying the ~$600 replacement bulbs when they are needed…



Ebay starts around $1400 plus shipping.


Unless you are sitting 3 feet away from the screen, 720p would look pretty darn good. 1080p is much more needed in LCD’s/Plasmas over 42". More important for good video processor, contrast ratio, and good source/tuner/etc than resolution.

This would look good in a big dark room.


All ebayers should be in for 3 if possible
eBay completed listings:
Death to long eBay links! Tea and cake or death!


For what it’s worth, if you’re too cheap to buy a screen, these work much more nicely on cream/off-white/beige walls than on solid white ones. Trust me.


Get with the program and the present…buy a BRAVIA HDTV…no one wanna be in the basement trying fool themselves that they in a theatre!


And in a weird twist of irony …They are saying that demand is so high for the Delorean that they are possibly going to start manufacturing them again??? Seriously I just got through reading the article a few mins ago…who’d a thunk? : )