InFocus ScreenPlay 7210 HD DLP Projector

Not first

Oh! I wish I could afford this right now!

Too much spensive crap! poor poor me!

Good night everybody!

You know, I could really find a use for this too. But I just can’t find the capitol for it.

Cool. I bought 3 “for the team”. Going to project in my bathrooms on the shower curtains so movies can be watched while bathing

How many ppl actually sit at the computer ALL DAY during a woot off!?!?! I DO!!! *well if I can

Not first … bleh

Not first … bleh

Maybe if it was $450.

EPIC woot killer!

InFocus ScreenPlay are great, I have had one as my main TV for 3 years now with out getting a new bulb, and i am way over due for one, I just cant find my self spending another $400 on an $800 projector

wow that sold out fast.

EPIC woot killer!

Is that enough lumens?

Will this work with Linux?

Please help!

Is this a good one, building a house, ned one for basement

NOW we’re wooting! Sold out… Next!!!


woot killer, nah…they only had 1

glad that went quick :slight_smile: