InFocus SP4805 DLP Projector


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Yet again something I don’t need or want. But I would like to see the new Logitech MX 1000 duo.


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Oh man I wanted a couple of these soooo bad! Let me know if you guys still have a couple in the warehouse you want to sell or someone backs out.


InFocus SP4805 DLP Projector
The show must go on your wall
$749.99 + $5 Shipping and Handling
The screen size at the neighborhood cinema is pretty boss, but why put up with the inconsiderate cell-phone blabbers, disconcertingly sticky floors and public displays of teenaged lust, just to see Casey Affleck’s head nine feet tall? Oh, and did you hear about the one lady who went to see The Real Cancun and sat on a hypodermic needle? It had a note attached that said “SURPRISE NOW YOU HAVE SICKLE CELL ANEMIA.”

It’s probably not a true story, but we ain’t risking a trip to the theatre anyway.

And why should we? Indeed, after today, why should any Wooter? Today we’ve got the The InFocus ScreenPlay 4805, a Howitzer of a home entertainment projector that shines like a beacon of salvation to agorophobic cinephiles everywhere. With a screen size that can fill a wall, the InFocus ScreenPlay 4805 will give your so-called “friends” inferiority complexes about their so-called “big screen” TVs, and turn your living room into a total-immersion home entertainment pleasure palace.

This isn’t one of those business boardroom Powerpoint projectors you sometimes see upsold for home use. This is a thoroughbred Home Theater unit. One difference is award-winning InFocus innovation, which gives you a finer picture—you’ll discover details you didn’t even know were there. It’s got a reputation in home entertainment circles as the benchmark projector under $2,000, and is the main reason InFocus has the big, fat market share they do.

The unit is as easy to set up as Lee Harvey Oswald, and works in any room with your DVD player, cable or satellite receiver, VCR, game player and more!

An optical zoom lens enables you to adjust the huge image to fit virtually any size screen from any location, with perfect focus and clarity. Native 16:9 widescreen format gives you movie-theater proportions, so finally you have a big, bright, high-resolution image that compliments your surround sound and DVD.

Start measuring your screen width in feet, not inches. On game days, your buddies will cower in fear as larger-than-life pro ballers seem to stampede into your den. Video game characters will taunt you: puny human! And wait until those stoners see Pink Floyd’s the Wall on—dude—YOUR WALL. Minds will blow.

Specs and Features:

* Condition: Recertified by InFocus, 90 day warranty
* The ScreenPlay 4805 uses native 16:9 DarkChip2T DLPT technology from Texas Instruments, the only display solution that creates an entirely digital connection between a source and the screen in front of you.
* Academy-Award-Winning Enhanced Faroudja DCDi Video Processing — The images are produced with ultimate fidelity: clear and artifact-free, without those jagged lines you see on some large-format displays.
* Incredible Movies, Games, TV and More — Project everything with amazing color, size and clarity. Plug in any type of game box and jump into the action, show off your vacation photos from your digital camera or camcorder, or enjoy front-row seating for your favorite team by attaching to your TV.
* Lightweight Package — At 7.8 lbs (3.5 kg) the ScreenPlay 4805 is light enough to take to a friend’s house – small enough to carry under your arm.
* The 4805 boasts a six-position optimized 4x color wheel, eliminating the “rainbow effect” that can plague business projectors with slower color wheels
* Higher video optimized lumens than the 4800 with 750 lumen output
* Native 16:9 DLP chip
* Unlike the dual mode 4800, the 4805 is more of a dedicated video projector with higher video lumens but lower data lumen capaiblity
* Superior Faroudja chip to the 4800’s for smoother video images
* Double the video optimized contrast ratio as the 4800 at 2000:1[/url]


[size=18:6c3c8ddb66]Thanks The Tim!!! :smiley: [/size:6c3c8ddb66]


Another awesome deal. THis was one heck of a good Woot-off. I wonder how many people are broke now :slight_smile: … Great Deals, Coupon Codes and Freebies.




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:smiley: :!: I have owned the sister X-1 projector (almost identical) for a little over a year, it is great for sports, movies and any t.v. show in h/d. I have it ceiling mounted about 13’ from my pull down 106" screen (e-bay $3-400) and it projects about a 100" picture. We love it, you need a somewhat darken room (just curtains closed), but the picture is fantastic. If you like sports and can receive a h/d signal, you need one of these. I bought this to have a spare and it appears to me that it is brand new, I don’t think it ever had been refurbished but is just outdated stock. You can not beat it for the price. My buddy has a $6000 projector and a $3000 screen and my set up has about 80% of his picture quality at a cost of $7500 less.


Ive got an extra one that igot from the last woot sale. I need to get rid of it at cost. That is Im making NO PROFIT.


Please IM or email me at if you still have the extra 4805. What is your cost again?


[quote user=“cerebuspu”]Ive got an extra one that igot from the last woot sale. I need to get rid of it at cost. That is Im making NO PROFIT.[/quote] Please IM or email me at if you still have the extra 4805. What is your cost again?


First post and don’t need :x