InFocus SP5000 HD-Ready LCD Home Theater Projector with 76” Screen



Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

InFocus SP5000 HD-Ready LCD Home Theater Projector with 76” Screen
$729.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
1 Infocus Screenplay 5000 720p Home Theater Projector
1 InFocus 76-inch 16:9 Projector Screen HW-HTSCREEN76


What the heck is that thing on the screen?!


Love the picture of Fizzgig from “The Dark Crystal”. Too bad I can’t afford this, would be nice.


why, it’s the delightful Ffizzgigg ffrom the Dark Crystal. But still not charming enough to make me pony up that kind of cabbage. I don’t even have a 76" wall available.


Price list…
SecretPrices - Projector … $899 … new $949)
SecretPrices - Screen … $399
Froogle - Projector … $1,299
Froogle - Screen … $69 ??


How well would this show during the day, with normal natural light in the room?


Prices in froogle are from slightly over a thousand( 12oo and up to be exact ) , and don’t even include a silver screen. Nice woot, if you have the money. Good replacement for lamp projectors.


you need to go by the dark crystal right away if that was not instantly recognizable. I owuld have bought this immediatley if my credit wasnt spread across 3 cards making it impossible to woot with.


The projector looks great, to expensive for me though

I just wanted to say I enjoyed the podcast, and it made me want the projector even more

haha great stuff


The 1100 lumens is middle of the road, but very nice for night-time viewing. Plan on blacking out your windows if you want to watch during the day. Still better than the $800 I paid for a similar proj 2 years ago, and I didn’t get a screen.
I was wondering what the muppets were doing for money these days - now I know…


Excellant projector that I just bought 3 weeks ago. Too bad I paid $900, and w/o screen. This is a very good deal (not sure about refurbished quality though).


OK, from a true naif…I’ve always wondered…Just exactly what do these things project??? Do you load it with a DVD? Does it project from your cable? What? What? What?


Who has one of these? I’m in the market for one . Is it something You would be happy
with for the near future? (three to five years ). And do the bulbs hold up?
And does it take a blacked out room to enjoy it?
Thanks in advance for any help and


ask and yeee shall recive…


Here is more info and reviews on this projector…
If I wasn’t so dead set on buying the Sanyo PLV-Z4 I’d be all over this…
After I do some more research, I may still bite…
I hope someone posts on this that actually owns one…



oh and woot, we already have a projector aimed at the 7’ gooped screen painted on the wall!



I know, right. I thought the very same thing.


Had heard good things about this one already, and with the screen for this price… I couldn’t say no.


I bought one fom Infocus directly (3 wks ago) that cost me $900, afte the mail-in-rebate. I am using it in a dark room, but I have read reviews that it’s bright enough for a room with slight ambient lighting too. It’s got a proprietry M1 port, for which you can buy an adaptor M1-DVI or M1-HDMI for $49, and hook-up any HDTV component that has HDMI/DVI output. Even component video would work if you don’t want to spend $49 for DVI/HDMI. Excellant quality. The best part is he free screen that comes with this, which otherwise would easily be another $100 at least.