InFocus Ultra-Thin 61" DLP HDTV with Blender

Thursday, January 12, 2006

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InFocus Ultra-Thin 61" DLP HDTV with Blender
$2,499.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Cook’s Essentials Multifunction Blender - CEBLJG1
1 InFocus ScreenPlay 61" DLP High Definition TV - SP61MD10

Haven’t we seen this recently? Well, I guess the blender mixes it up a bit.

OMG This is awsome! not only is it massive, but you can … like make a smoothy while your enjoying some … errr … halo / halo 2? nothing says “Headshot” like an ultra thin and sexy 61" … and you can make the n00b that died fist make everyone a smoothy!!

Who wants to buy me one?

WOOT WHO!!! This is what I’ve been waiting for!

i would pay that much for just a blender!

sesriously woot im dissappointed in you with this one… STOP IT WITH THE HIGH COST ITEMS!

doesn’t the blender totally seal the deal?

Great woot.
Great price.

Now, if only I had someplace to put it.
Oh, the TV’s pretty cool as well.

New to Woot. What a deal!

Pretty good deal. I mean thats gotta be some type of special blender. Its HDTV compatible!

Is there any way I can buy just the blender? It matches my two new toasters.

Well this would be the strangest combination with the tv I’ve seen yet.

I just peed myself a little. Damn my poor butt!

this has got to be the strangest combo I’ve ever seen.

Damn!! I just boought a new blender! I mean I really need the TV, but I just bought a blender!! What to do, what to do?

What an awesome price on the HDTV! Woohoo!

Too bad the blender costs $2k, though… sigh

Great price for a solid TV, but unfortunately, too big for the limited space in our family room. Now, if only they had a 61" blender.

$2.5k of TV only 5$ shipping, where can you find a better place? Go Woot… Btw, 2.5k is too much for me after Christmas… but nice deal

with blender now? wow, woot, you really have crazy idea. btw this is quite cheap, too bad, my credit card has $900 limit
if only you take cash