Injinji Men's & Women's Performance Socks

Why aren’t there any mediums for the Original Weight Mini-Crew socks?

A perfect fit for your FiveFingers.

So… the only ones in my size are the ‘secure in my masculinity’ three-pack? sigh

Welcome to ‘why do you think Woot got it?’ time…

anyone with super smelly feet like mine try this and find them to be as good as cotton?

Bought these last time. My sons and I love them. Two times recently we went for 10 mile hikes in preparation for Philmont. Two times I got blisters. Third hike I wore these and got no blisters. I’m a believer

I’ve said it before when these were on sale - the no show/mini crew socks are my go-to running socks (except for long runs when I need compression socks). They’re nice and plush, and they hold up tremendously well - I usually wear through the heels and toes of my running socks but these are indestructible. Plus they wick sweat (and rain, if you run through puddles like me) like crazy. I love them.

I have webbed toes so I say boo! to toe-socks. Imagine being a young girl in the 70’s when those beautiful striped knee-high toe socks came out and you couldn’t wear them. Sigh…

These are the best socks ever! If you run/walk/jog…they really keep away the blisters. I have done several marathons and half marathons in these and NEVER gotten a blister. Without these socks I get blisters before mile 13. I’ve been wearing injinji socks since my first full marathon in 2004, and they are probably a big reason I still enjoy the sport! Thank you, Woot! for making them so much more affordable than their usual price!

best socks ever. toe shoes or regular, these sock will make your orgasms longer…ok they can’t do that, they’re just socks. they are they best socks ever though. this is the cheapest i’ve found them. all questions have the same answer: yes these socks do whatever you’re asking, they are awsome.