Injinji Socks 4 Men N Women 2

These are the only socks I run in. I have three pairs of each (will be five after this sale). Perfectly cushy, hold up amazingly well to sweat and rain, and keep my toes from blistering each other. Who could ask for more?

Edit: I should clarify, I’m referring to the performance no-show/mini crew socks, the blue/green/pink three-pack. :slight_smile:

how do these sizes relate to men’s/women’s sizes?

There’s a size chart in the Specs that lays it out.

I was hoping to snag some of these for the new Vibram Bikila LSs that are on their way right now. None of these look like mens socks. Sorry. I can’t justify wearing rainbow stripped socks or pink socks. Besides, it doesn’t look like these will fit my 14s anyways. :frowning:

Woot’s deals are disappointing these days. Injinji socks are not even that much in retail stores.

Are the colors in the previews the actual colors that will ship? I didn’t see anything in the specs that confirms.

Edit to add: the no-shows do list the colors, the mini-crews (pink preview) do not, the rainbows do, the 5-pack does. So, this question should be, are the pink preview ones pink or something else? :wink:

Love my injinjis! Tragically, this woot sale does not seem to include any extra large. Guess I’ll see if the wife wants to try some…

Light pink, yes.

Where are the XL socks? :frowning:

“they’re an individual huge for each of your piggies.”

So is each toe pocket too big? Or are they only a little huge?

Def need more color selection for the guys. I’m crazy but I’m not That crazy. Thx.

Two points for you. “Hug” not “huge”. :slight_smile:

I discovered these socks last summer and bought several pairs. They completely resolved my between-toes blistering problems when I race walk. Like the running mentioned, these are the only socks I wear for this activity. I just can’t decide if I want three micro/mini crews or five mini crews.

I’ve noticed that the pinkie toe is a little big but the other toes are not. Also, the bigness of the fifth toe doesn’t impact these socks effectiveness.

I don’t know about your stores but in my local REI and running/specialty stores, Injinji socks are about $10-$12 + tax for these models.

If you get the 5 packs one, average cost per pair is $4-$5, shipping and tax included. A pretty good deal from where I stand.

I got 10 of the mini crew (2x5) for my wife and me. Would have gotten more if we didn’t already bought the recent FILA toesocks deal. They’re good enough for me but my wife’s feet tend to sweat more and she got blisters from the FILA ones but not from Injinji.

I’ve never seen them in retail stores. I’ve always bought them from Amazon LOL.

I wear them for the toe separation. When you have bunions, your toes start to cross over each other. These prevent that and are sooo comfy. I have about 10 pairs. I love them.

The prices are pretty good but the color selection is not masculine enough for my tastes. Please woot!, consider muted, more masculine colors, even white or black for a future offering.

If there’s one thing those toe pockets aren’t, it’s huge. I take an 11.5 wide in shoes and can scarcely squeeze into an XL Injinji after washing. Can’t figure out how a human being could fit into one of their Smalls - maybe there really ARE elves?

The skeletoes deal and now the injinji deal? I will not have money in the bank but you can be damn sure that I will have toe socks in the closet.