You know what they say-- the pen is mightier than the eight simultaneously flailing swords.

Love them two-color rainbows.

What does it mean? No really, what does a two color rainbow mean?

Since it will certainly become an issue in this comments section, let’s review the expert opinion on octopi vs. octopuses vs. octopodes:

The color of the shirt itself almost makes it into a three-color rainbow…

The pen is mightier than the sword, but who knew it could make octopi fly!

Not enough moisture?

Wow, this is the first shirt since early September that has made me want to buy it. Amazing job and I hope the print is as amazing as the photo.

Again, Congrats!

I like the ink that runs down the shirt in the design. Cool. This is a trippy octopus!

It combines two of my favorite things… octopi and swirly designs.

Yeah, I think rainbows need rain to make the bow part. Ink would be too drab, hence only two colors.

Nice looking design, Radiomode :).

  • A man may come by on Tuesday dressed in a t-shirt bearing a multi-colored octopus riding a pen propelled by a jet of rainbow ink. He will knock exactly five times, no more, no less. Let him in if he does this. Call him “Roger”.

So is that like brown M-Ms for seeing if they read your instructions?

Now that’s what I call sushi to go!

Sweet. My friend was really hoping this one would print. I will drop her a message. Congrats Radiomode.

Oh, this is good. If I wasn’t saving for Dragons Blow (that’s coming up tomorrow, right, please?), I might think about getting this. Nice touch making the clouds look like seaweed and waves, and not just random billowing blotches of ink.

drippy octopus : )

I love cephalopods. They may be invertebrates, but they’re smarter than a host of lesser vertebrates. And octopi are incredible - they have personalities, as do cats and dogs.

But for me, this shirt is too “busy” - it has too much going on to take in in a quick viewing.

I’m afraid (for me anyway), this is an example of a great design, but not a great tee-shirt design.


Very cool shirt. I love the concept of an octopus riding a submarine pen upwards, propelled by fancy sworls of ink.