Inky Say "Draw More"*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

Missed the shirt? Click here to get it after June 17th!

this is an awesome design… but white tee shirts and I do NOT mix.

i like the rainbow effect. in for one

Woah…no thank you. Makes me dizzy.

what a great design. I love the fun colors - looks great on white.

Colorful, and great design.
But… I don’t like insects…

I’m a wuss, there I said it.

Great idea though!

I like the buck tooth hahaha.

Very High school esc, Jacob! Grats on the print. I’ve gotta think about this one, because I used to doodle like that all the time

man that’s a cool shirt, i would definitely be in for one if it didn’t say “draw more.” cheesy phrase kills the sweet artwork.

i hate spiders.

inky frightens me

awful. :-[ not to my liking at least.

More black shirts needed imo. :-p

I’ve read plenty of “girly shirt” complaints, but this truly would put any man to shame. I think I’ll get a women’s XS for my friend’s daughter though.

CMYK ftw :slight_smile: Congrats to the designer.

Okay, I’m confused. Both the links in the blurb about the artist lead to Warholbot designs. Is this a Warholbot shirt under a different name?

Woot should have an option where you can buy their awesome T-shirts without the stupid text on it.

Text ruins 90% of the shirts here.

Adorable design, and sporting a personal motto. I’m in :).

Hmm … let’s hope that the white T is thick enough for my liking. Black bras and white shirts don’t usually mix well.

I love it!!! In for one. I love to draw =)

The text DEFINITELY ruined that shirt for me. I was about to buy it till I saw the horrible “Draw more” text.