InMotion Compact Elliptical Trainer


Fitness!! meh give me a cool outdoors item


a lot of amazon reviews of this and the previous version say the left track falls off? whoah.

blah I bought this for 70 a couple weeks ago! Oh well, i enjoy it still

How did you like it?

Bought this a couple weeks ago. I can’t run outdoors because I have really bad knees and was hoping this would help and it does a little bit but the extension of my legs doesn’t go out far enough and sometimes it feels like more of a bike than an elliptical. That being said it gives a great workout.

I also bought this a few weeks ago for $70. It arrived un-assembled, naturally. There are so many pieces that I’m not even ATTEMPTING it until my boyfriend is around.

In for one. I’ve been wanting something that I could use as an eliptical/exercise bike while I work/game at the computer. How lovely would it be to get in shape while I play Battlefield 3?

Does it come with her?

I got this as the amazon deal of the day offered by woot a couple of weeks ago. Assembly consisted of attaching about 8 screws and tools were included. I was a bit nervous about not having handles to grab onto if I lost my balance, but as the instructions indicate you can put a chair nearby if this is a concern. I haven’t actually had any balance issue during use. This can definitely get your heart rate up and a great price for an elliptical.

I ordered this from Woot a few weeks ago and really like it. The short stride is a plus for me (5’5") as well as my four year old son who uses it constantly.

I really like it. I have it under my desk so I can mindlessly peddle and feel like I’m accomplishing a pseudo-workout. Using it while standing is a bit more awkward, but I’m a pretty clumsy person. I like that you can change the resistance.

Can I hook this up to a battery and create an electric backup for my house if the power goes out?

I don’t know what’s wrong with me today, but this is my fourth freaking woot! They really picked the right day for a woot off. I gotta go find some meds…

I am 6’3" so I have a feeling this might be a little small for me.

sure just buy it and wait for an alternator and set of jumper cables to come up and there ya go. a little jimmy rigging and your golden or i guess green!

You would definitely find the stride too short, I think. I bought this the last time it was on woot and I find the stride a little bit short, and I’m only 5’4". I like it though. As someone else said, it’s good for keeping under the desk so you can feel like you’re doing at least a little something with your body while sitting at a computer all day. It definitely gets my heart rate up, even while sitting (though that’s probably more a commentary on my fitness level than the item’s quality…).

As of Aug. 5th I have yet to receive shipping information. It has been almost two weeks. Any updates?