Innergie 6000 mAh Power Bank - 3 Pack

Time to learn all about the warranty and safety for your power bank

Meh. 1 year warranty. PNY offers three, most mfg.'s offer 12-18 months anyways.

Also, $40 for three 6000mAh packs works out to $14-ish per piece after tax and Woot’s cursed $5 flat shipping. You can definitely find that kind of capacity for under $10 on Amazon, plus free shipping to boot.

Finally, these don’t say anything about supporting pass-through charging - which is nice to have, since a compatible power bank juices up both the phone and itself at the same time.

In conclusion, fellow Wooters: pass, pass like you’d pass a student driver doing 40 in a 60.

I’m happy with these and their smaller siblings. I had 3000 mAh one I loved a lot, but left in an Uber in Chicago back in June. As a bonus, I ordered a set of these 6000 mAh and a set of the 3000 mAhs. What arrived in my box was 3 of the 3000’s, 2 of the 6000’s, and one of the 6800 mAh models. SWEET! So, yay, bonus.