Innergie 70W or 95W Universal Adapter

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Innergie 70W or 95W Universal Adapter
Price: $14.99 - 19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, May 12 to Tuesday, May 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Bought one of these during the last sale. These chargers don’t have a ground. It gives my laptop a electric, tingling sensation when touching its medal body.

This plug is polarized. It will be grounded if you plug it into the outlet correctly. make sure you do not use an extension cord, since that makes it a 50-50 chance you will have it backward at the source.You should NOT get a tingle if it is hooked up correctly. In fact, since this is isolated from the source, it should not cause the tingle in any case. I would have your laptop checked out.

Anyone know if these will work for the Asus G75VW?

Reviews on Amazon for the 95W model (the newest one) seem to have more than a few complaining that the “universal tips” aren’t universal. Kind of hesitant to buy one then, considering I had a universal charger that managed to not carry tips for my reasonably new model of Toshiba.

I am using a different model than what is offered here but would think the tips are the same. The 3 tips I use are for Sony, Lenovo and HP and all work perfectly.

I bought a few of these from woot a couple months back. Two things: they take a VERY long time to send you any “free tips” you need for a laptop that doesn’t work with the included tips (and because I bought more than one, they took even longer). Also, these chargers get VERY, VERY hot when charging, to the point where they can nearly burn you. They do work, but beware those issues.

Polarized should help, but an Earth ground would help more. Either way, laptops run on DC, so something is definitely wrong if you’re getting a tingle. Do you have a CCFL backlight for the screen? The inverter could be crapping out.

These things sound like power adapers + USB chargers.

DELL has traditionally included proprietary hardware in their AC adapters; 3rd party adapters will still power their machines, but won’t charge batteries (and may also slow laptops down – the laptop defaults to “power save” mode when it does not detect the proprietary hardware).

I have an ASUS tablet that’s finicky about getting “exactly” 15V of power from its USB adapter. The power cord provided is obscenely short (4’)… and I am iffy about this device providing charge.

They look like decent power supplies for a decent price. It’s a shame they only come in crApple white, though.

I think you’re a little confused. USB provides 5V of power, but the amperage and wattage vary between chargers. I had a tablet that wanted a 5V, 2A charge and anything else threw a warning up on the screen. It still charged, but it let me know that it wasn’t happy about its position in life. My S4 can be finicky about the amount of current it needs as well.

For the people to claim it’s not universal, it really is, you just have to be patient sometimes. I previously bought the 60w charger for my aspire s7 and it didn’t have my tip. They have a “free tip program” where they will ship a tip that is compatible with your laptop if it’s not included in the 9 that come with the unit.

A+ product!

I was about to buy, but after tax and shipping I’m better off buying from Amazon. Not to mention that I can return it to Amazon if it doesn’t work for my laptop.

He really meant watts. The Asus power bricks for the Transformer tablets push between 15 and 18 watts and the power charging indicator on the tablet will not trigger till somewhere around an 11 watt input.

I think he will find that like mine, it will still charge decently overnight with a lesser power adapter with the sreen off.