Innergie 70W or 95W Universal Adapter

**Item: **Innergie 70W or 95W Universal Adapter
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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6/13/2013 - $39.99-49.99 - 5 comment(s)

Let’s check out the product page for the 95W

Let’s check out the product page for the 70W

Let’s learn all about safety and the warranty

I have the V85 version of this and it is SUPER handy for traveling and home. I am picking up the one with the DC in, since I normally have to plug this into my power inverter for car use.

The USB on the same cord as the computer is genius. I can put my iPhone cord there, then I just have one unit to wrap up and toss in the computer bag when I travel. Also, the $30 price is insanely low for a replacement cord. I had to pay $90 once for a replacement Thinkpad cord, but I have also used other brands that overheated or shorted out. I have two innergie cords that have been nothing but good to me.

And they have this handy Guide to tell you if this product works with your thingy.

Thanks for posting the link, my HP laptop is not listed. Wondering if I dare take a chance?? HP Pavilion g7-2243us

I purchased the 95W charger for my work laptop, a DELL Latitude E6430, it’s not on the list but it works like a charm. Just make sure you get the proper wattage. My original DELL charger was 90W, so the 95W was perfect. I also remember reading somewhere on their site that if the adapter doesn’t fit they’ll help you find one that does, but their DELL adapter fit my laptop no problem. Now I don’t have to worry about forgetting my laptop charger at work.

I don’t see an Apple Macbook (Magsafe) connector. Nor can I find one on the site. Is one available?

Probably not. My Googlefu is telling me that Apple hasn’t licensed that proprietary connector to 3rd parties. Sorry.

When they say it “Works”, how well does it work? Current HP and Dell chargers have a special chip in them that the laptop looks for, and if it’s not there, it cripples the laptop while plugged into the charger (to prevent fires I guess). On my Dell the battery doesn’t charge.

I’ve had the 95w version for many months and really like it. Very nice having an always on USB port way from the ports on my laptop

Hey, something’s that’s always puzzled me:

How do these “universal adaptors” know what voltage to emit? Or… are all these (non apple) laptops perfectly happy receiving 19V on their DC-IN, even if the OEM adaptor is only, say, 12V ??

“Universal” implies a universe where Steve followed Michel Dell’s advice