Innergie 95W Universal Adapter

Some reviews from those that purchased these previously, perhaps?

Bought these the last time they were on. They are great for charging my Dell Latitude D630 and two devices that connect to USB. Very convenient when you only use up one power outlet.

The only gripe I have about these is that the length of the cord after the brick is too short. The original charger was great: I can place the brick out of sight and I can position the laptop practically anywhere within a 4’ radius. With the Innergie, it’s more like 3’(estimate).

I would recommend these for the 2 USB slots alone. But if you want to work far from the outlet without the charger getting in the way, I would consider something else.

Double check how much juice your laptop actually needs: If your machine demands more than 95W then this brick is not for you (as may be the case with high performance laptops / mobile workstations).

Beware of cheap chargers : A dozen USB chargers in the lab: Apple is very good, but not quite the best

Its not directly related to this product but a great general rule of thumb if you like your geek toys.

This is a great comment left by lll0228 on OCT 21, 2011 6:49 AM for the IGO universal, this innergie is a little more output, and it should work OK with most if not all Laptops

Electrical engineer (faculty) here.
I would say that unless your notebook is really old, you don’t have to worry about the voltage output of this adapter.

  1. Based on what is on the market today, most of these adapters have a maximum voltage output of 19V (absolute maximum), and all of them feature current sensing circuit (a relatively simple IC implementation) to determine the correct output voltage. Your notebook very likely runs on 14 V-ish (four-cell li-ion in series) or 11 V-ish (three cell in series). The charging rate is pre-determined, and can be estimated easily. So don’t worry about that.
  2. This adapter provides 90 W, and if true, will provide enough power for even the most demanding notebooks. Most notebooks only need no more than 60 W.
  3. ALL notebooks provide their own charging circuit inside the box. These regulators have high tolerance on over-under-voltage. You will be fine.
    For the price, this is a good deal. It’s pretty light, too.

Bought this the last time it was on woot. It’s a wonderful piece. Works great with my labtop, and if I want to buy a new labtop this season, I already have a spare power supply for traveling. It comes with mulitple adapters. It is no bulkier or heavier then my current power supply. I recommend this, esp if you have more then one labtop, the interchangable adapters is priceless.

I purchased this previously for my Dell Mini Laptop…I saved $50 buying this one and not the one from Dell, and it’s multiple tips fit many things! I really like that the wires are thickly coated, the entrance from wires into the box is well reinforced, and the tip has a strong swivel point, so when I move my laptop, the cord does not get tangled, and the swivel/wires are not going to break anytime soon.
There are many universal adapters on the market that are junk, but not this one!
Yes, you can charge 2 usb items, and it will not interfere with the main charging source. The length of the cord is perfect for a standard wall outlet, either to rest the brick on the floor and bring my laptop to couch level, or to rest the brick on my side table and bring my laptop on my desk…no fighting with extra length cords.
Check your manufacturer’s website for the voltage needed in your charger, and I bet this charger will work for you!..and at this price, be proactive-if you think you will need a second charger, or if those tiny wires on your current charger are twisting, buy this! Highly recommended!

I purchased this in a previous woot. I found it was missing a tip. Contacting customer service was easy, I had the tip in 3 days. It was sent via USPS free of charge.
It has worked out well for me.

I’m in for one. Just in time, too, because the iGo universal adapter that I wooted about a year ago just went kaput (right after the warranty expired).