Inno Car Racks

Can these bars be used to rack things besides surfboards? Say I had a Kayak attachment, would these bars be sufficient to hold that?

Are you asking about the Non-Locking Surf/SUP Carrier? Please let me know so I can get more info for you.

How many Snowboards can this hold?
I’m referencing the “Inno INH100 Combo Ski/Bike Hitch”

I emailed the buyer to see if we can get this info. I’ll update you when I hear back!

UPDATE: This rack holds either 4 pairs of skis or 4 snowboards. Hope that helps!

I’d be purchasing the ski/bike rack and curious if it’d have enough clearance for a Wranglers spare tire.

For the SUP roof carrier, will I be able to mount it to the current roof rack of my Ford Escape '12? Their website isn’t clear if I’ll need to purchase additional parts to make it work.

Vendor says: “They will be able to mount the rack to their factory cross bars.”

Hope that helps!

For the surf rack, does purchasing 1 for the quantity come with 2 strap/rack bars as shown in the picture? In other words, is everything I see in the picture (straps and rack bars) included when purchasing 1 as the quantity or would this be selecting 2? Also, please confirm if the cross bars shown in the pic are included.