Innovage Retro Phone Handset

Just received this in the mail a few days ago and I really enjoy it. You can cradle this well on your shoulder and is so much nicer to use when you are at home want to have a conversation on your cell phone.

agree with conan…just got this last week. love being able to cradle the phone and the call clarity is great. the mic does pick up a bit though. the other people i talk to say that it is clear, but sounds like i am on a speaker phone. great buy!

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Will it work on my iphone5?

I’m going to assume so since it just plugs into the 3.5 mm jack. I have plugged it into my iPhone and iPad so far, plan on trying it with my Blackberry Playbook tomorrow.

Checkmate King two, this is White Rook, Over!
(walkie talkie from 60’s TV show - “Combat”)

Is it compatible with my iPhone 4? If it is, I think it is a great buy!

I have an iPhone 4 and it works great.

My concern is that the iPhone jack is apparently not true 3 1/2mm. I say that because I have 3 1/2mm earbuds that have to have an iPhone adapter for it to work. Also, I have a retro handset that I bought for an older flip phone and it does not work on my iPhone, even with the adapter.

Nonetheless, it’s only ten bucks. I’m gonna try one. It appears to be connected to an iPhone in the picture and I know Monkey would never steer us wrong!

Cheaper on Ebay and several colors available.

Weird. Some old flip phones have a 2.5mm jack, not 3.5, but I’ve never had an issue with any standard 3.5mm headset or aux cable on any of my four iPhones. The original first-generation iPhone had a recessed jack, so it required either a really skinny plug or an adapter.

I don’t know how recently the pinouts for multi-purpose handset/heatsets – with stereo audio, mic, a button and volume controls – were standardized, so older handsets might be made to a different standard.

I got one of these a few weeks ago and the speaker doesn’t work. I could hear people, but they couldn’t hear me AT ALL. I’m bummed, because it would really be nice to not get a crick in my neck while talking on the phone and doing other stuff and with this headset, I wouldn’t be dropping my cell while doing it, either. I have a fossil of a phone and don’t have Bluetooth or headphones.

Perfect white elephant gift.

Has anyone who’s gotten this had one that looks like the picture? I ordered one in a previous Woot and it looks different and doesn’t work at all with my Galaxy S2. I got in touch with Woot and they sent me another one, but it’s the same issue. Now I have 2 “play phones” for my son.

is this compatible with the Samsung Galaxy s3?

Mine looks different - no light, larger button. I got three and two work great on my Galaxy S2 - haven’t tested the third.

Does it come with the iPhone?
Usually they include the “phone not included” disclaimer which is missing.

Could I hook this phone to my windows 8 laptop and make free calls home when I travel internationally?

I have seen this on another site for the same price but 3 color choices.