Innovative Technology Bluetooth Headphones

The description says these aren’t wireless Bluetooth, but InfraRed.

We’re confirming with the vendor. We’re going to hide the offer until this is figured out.

I have VHF WIRELESS HEADPHONES ITHW-858B, and have followed directions for set up and troubleshooting but I can only pick up a radio signal not my TV audio? Yes, I have transmitter plugged into audio out on TV! Yes, batteries are good in headset and transmitter! Yes, transmitter light is on! Yes, I’ve trying pressing and holding one-2 seconds the receiver reset and then scan buttons! No there isn’t a barrier between transmitter and receiver, and I’m still and close!
Are these just for radio? The advertising suggests they work with TV’s!
I’m hoping it works I really don’t want to return it! Help…