Innovative Technology Photo Negative and Slide Scanner

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Innovative Technology Photo Negative and Slide Scanner
$24.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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Anyone own one of these? I’ve thought about getting one for my father who has a ton of old Negatives but has more recently gotten into storing photo digitally.

I bought one for my uncle. Problem is, we can’t get it running in Windows 7. That’s about the only complaint I can make, considering we still haven’t tried it out for that reason. Self powered via USB though. That’s bound to be nice.

I checked Amazon and out of about 120 or so reviews, 47 were 1 star (out of 5).

Reviews at Amazon are terrible. With shipping it’s only $10 cheaper here…

In for one. worth a $30 gamble…
At worst, I’ll gift it to someone I dont like if it sucks.
and trying to keep this woot-off moving

Woot sold the Vuepoint slide/negative scanner last month for only $9.99. It has identical specs.

Yeah, I think i’ll stay away anything that has that many one star reviews.

Just noticed the Ad at the bottom of the comment page is for a Buick.

Yeah, when Woot sold the VuePoint version last May for $9.99, they specifically said that it was only for Win XP.

I got one, quality is decent but it is a pain in the butt to get the negitaves to line up with the 2 slides they give you…be better it they just gave you a 3rd slide that did NOT have the seperate spaces

These are garbage. It’s not a scanner, it’s a cheap 4 megapixel digital camera in there. The quality was so abysmal I threw mine away. I couldn’t in good conscience resell it to anyone on ebay.

Aside from the fact that the current ad states Vista, and 7 is essentially the “Pretty Woman” version of Vista…

But yeah.