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Wow… A whole penny off the tool mounting bar. What a deal!

Whatare the dimensions are of then storage tray system? Is it metal? Trying to figure out what makes this better than the cheaper highly rated things on amazon

I don’t know why anyone who owns a power drill would buy the Quickie scrubber - you can do the same thing yourself much more cheaply (and more powerfully!) by getting a cheap brush, sawing off the handle, drilling a hole thru the head of the scrub brush and then just using a nut and bolt thru the hole to attach it to the drill. Works amazingly, and you get a LOT more power than with 4 AA batteries!

The tape measure is ok, but don’t get this if you really want the light to work more that a few times.

Who would pay $90 for the parts organizer when they are $35 every day everywhere?

Yea…and when I bought it back in September, it was only $4.99.

Organizer is $39 @ amazon

$20 @ this place http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/22-17860?scode=GS401&catargetid=530004080000365432&cadevice=m&gclid=CNi4_46t8MICFewF7AodAFMA-w

$35 at walmart, home depot…


for sale for $21.99 showing list of $129.99 and a 83% discount.

Yet on Amazon, the exact same thing is on sale

for $23.97 showing list of $34.99.

Granted woot’s price is 2 dollars less than Amazon, but it is the absurd list price (a practice I am seeing more often these days on woot) makes me not want to shop here anymore. What gives woot?

This is harbor freight stuff at Sears/Home Depot price.

And has anyone noticed that over the past months, Woot has gone in and “cleansed” prices from ALL its prior sales so you no longer know what an item previously sold for?

Now, why would they do that, I wonder?

I bought one of the Magnifying Head Visors with light a few weeks ago and thought I’d share my thoughts on it.

First off, the light is pretty bad and goes through batteries like I go through chocolate but that is not why I bought it.

The head gear is hard and not very comfortable but sufficiently holds the magnifying lenses.

The lenses are plastic but magnify very well and can be doubled up for outrageously tiny work.

I have already used it for watch repair (mostly batteries), soldering a repair on a TV circuit board and some other small projects for which it fits the purpose quite well. Priced at $13.99, it’s a steal, especially if your eyes are aging like mine. Yes I’d recommend it and buy it again if the need presented itself.

The tool mounting bar is nice, but the plastic is super brittle. I ordered one last time it was on Woot and it arrived shattered into many pieces.

Staples has this flooring for 0.40 cents cheaper per pack and free store delivery…Amazon killed Woot…