Inside-Out Umbrellas

Do these come with the base?

The first picture shows a base, so I would hope so.

Yeah, but it’s hard to show a picture of one without it. It’s like a cell phone case without the cell phone. There the fine print saying “iPhone not included” are amusingly obvious, but I’m less sure here. Patio umbrellas are usually sold without a base.

For the price, I’m guessing it’s included. Unfortunately, I think I’m less interested in it now. I’m really after one that tilts, too.

From the Specs Tab: "In the Box:

(1) Inside-Out UMB11-001LGR 11-Foot Aluminum Crank Open, Lime Green"

In my experience: No base listed. No base included.

the key is the weight. If it had a base included, it would be around 50 pounds.