Insignia 4GB Media Player w/FM Tuner

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Insignia 4GB Media Player w/FM Tuner
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Insignia 4GB Media Player w/FM Tuner NS-DV4G

brought out the fireworks tonight… comparison engine links on useful linkage blog are hot fire as well… well, semi-hotfire… and no, i didn’t blow of my ellipse typing finger today… woot! still gots it… so does jessie… hehe.

it’s ok…im gonna stick to my krzr for my mp3 needs
but very nice for a kid who wants one but doesn’t know a lot about technology

I have owned 2 of these.

The menu system and control wheel isnt the greatest, but the picture and sound quality is great.

I recommend for this price!

Google Product Search!

I see mpeg4 as with most players, But does anyone know if this has software that make you convert the mpeg-4 to another format ?

Darn, I just bought a 1GB media player for $25 on ubid! good nite woot

not bad… refurb crazy though
flash memory too but ill pass
i got a zen vision w
which pwns the hell out of this thing

Yep. So is it cheaper on that google site?

I’m seriously considering this. I already have two mp3 players though, and don’t really need another one. It’s so cheap, though.

Damn you woot.

Manufacturer page

Setup Guide


Retails for $130 + tax at Worstbuy

meh okay woot…

doesn’t beat my sony walkman circa 1988…

Yeah for refurb BBY private label! As if I didn’t get to see enough of these new on a daily basis… Our display seemed pretty sturdy though.

Ah yes, “Insignia” - the least inspired house-brand name ever. I bought one of their flat-panels in the store a few years ago, and it’s actually pretty good. That doesn’t necessarily mean too much on something like this, since the MP3 player is probably made by a totally different contractor than the LCD, but at the very least, it’s probably not awful.

Oh heck I’m in for three. Just please don’t ship fedex smart post. Still waiting for my bluetooth ear pieces and razor headphones sigh

Yes, follow the links and you will see lower prices. Kind of rare when that happens. I guess Woot is trying to raise the profit margin.

I pity the foo’ who can fit enough music in 4gb to even make it worthwhile… but 4gb with VIDEO??? So, this is for taking a single episode of some show on the train each day? I don’t see the point.


Did you bother to look at the cheaper ones? They are listed as used, non working and untested. What a frickin bargain.

How is Tested Working 5 $57.74 Click Here to View or Buy cheaped they has + 8.95 shipping considered cheaper?