Inspect Your Gadgets

Kitchen gadgets galore! What’s in your arsenal? (And what are you looking forward to adding?)

I have these.

I’m a wood-cutting-board purist, but I absolutely adore these. Well worth the $30.

Do you speak of the indexing ones? I was just about to ask if anyone had used them before.

I am going to once again recommend the heck out of the Kuhn-Rikon giraffe knives. The paring knife in a solid colour sells for $12 at local stores, $10 online. getting all three for $8 is a steal.

I have the set in Leopard (along with a purple paring knife). I like my Wustoffs for home use, but I do the occasional bartending gig, and these are great knives to take along with you (I specifically bought the leopard so they were incredibly easily found if someone grabbed one to pare something; I do not mind when they do, but it sure is easier to hunt down a leopard print knife in an event kitchen :wink: )

The houdini is great! Even if all you are getting it for is the foil cutter and the opener, it is worth the $9. Easiest opening I’ve ever done.

Dang I keep missing the mortars. Anyways I recommend the 4-th burner pots, and here’s a pic I took for size comparason

I bought the knife and masher set not long ago. While they both get the job done, the masher could be a little longer.

I also purchased the mortar and houdini. I haven’t had an opportunity to use the mortar yet, but it is big, heavy and looks like it will work well.

the houdini makes it incredibly easy to open wine bottles. and anything that gets me to the wine faster is great in my book.

Got the 4th burner pot, in an earlier Woot! Works as advertised. Be advised, if it is “non stick” it is NOT Stainless Steel, but aluminum. Wish someone would FINALLY address that. (See my previous complaints on the subject.) This pot is GREAT for canning a single jar of whatever, incedentally.

Got the knives before, for A LOT more than $8. Am getting 3 more sets today.

Got the molcajete before. Great mortar and pestle.


i just picked up a few 4th burner pots for xmas…glad to hear they work!

Have the avocado tools. I’ve mentioned this before: the tools can be used for many things other than avocados. I use the curved blade to clean out other types of fruits and or veggies - melons, small squash, etc., and the masher will work on any softish cooked type food, pretty much - I’ve mashed small potatoes and other root vegetables quite successfully. I also have the mortar, but also have not used it as yet.

The Houdini set is FABULOUS. No more struggles with wine corks at all. For me, it was a little tricky to learn how to use, but once I got the hang of it, I loved it. The foil cutter works quickly, effectively and safely - I really like it.

Hope this is helpful to someone. :slight_smile:

I’ll ad another thumbs up for the Houdini Wine Opener. Once you learn how to use it, you’ll never go back to using a regular cork screw again. In my opinion it makes opening a wine bottle fun and $9 for everything is a steal!


It was very helpful - makes it more all purpose, less unitasker.

I like that the cutting boards are clearly labeled with the pictures:
Green for vegetables, white for jellyfish, etc.

Gee…I must be a gadget princess…

I have the Kuhn Rikon 4th Burner Multi Pot and it truly does work out well when you have other big pots on the range and need to boil potatoes or cook up some pasta. Great for hard boiled eggs also. It ain’t AllClad but it gets the job done.

And I have the Kuhn Rikon Can & Jar Opener Set. Love the jar opener; meh on the can opener. I don’t put lids back on cans and haven’t had a hand slicing episode with a traditionally opened can so it’s not worth the trouble to remember how to use it.

Ah, the giraffe knives! So very cute! So very sharp! These I have had a finger slicing episode with.

You can’t really go wrong with any of this stuff for the price and they make nice gifts for other gadget princes and princesses.

Apparently I’m a gadget princess too. In for the burner pot!

I need to cancel an order I just placed - how do I do that?

Email Include your order number for faster service. It can take 24-48 business hours for them to reply. They only have a light shift on the weekend so allow extra time.

I bought the Kuhn-Rikon giraffe knives recently from woot and I love them. They are super sharp and I appreciate the protective sleeves. I plan on buying 3 more for Christmas gifts.

Recieved the joseph cutting boards from last woot a few days ago. They are awesome! Easy to clean, not cheap plastic, and unlike some comments last time regarding bacteria b/c of the wy they are stroed: nonsense! There is a big enough gap between them while stored and who would store an unwashed cutting board? I HIGHLY recommend these! I may get another set as a gift.