Inspiration Alexander Valley Zinfandel Mini Vertical - 4 Pack

Inspiration Alexander Valley Zinfandel Mini Vertical - 4 Pack
$59.99 + $5 shipping
2 2007 Zinfandel, Alexander Valley
2 2008 Zinfandel, Alexander Valley
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dang! high alcohol!

2008 is jucier, and 2007 is more tanniny hmmmm, and 08 is good with cheese, burgers and pizza

Pretty please can we have the cooperage stats?

CJ’s tired from making a wonderful BBQ sauce this weekend … :wink:

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In a California Zin? No way!

Not much on CT about them. Looks like the 2007 may be here but it doesn’t specify the vineyard source:

2008 has no notes.

The person who owns/runs this place has been on wine.woot in the past. I’ll try to dig up the user.

It’s me - Jon Phillips - owner winemaker… Yea, I work on trying to keep the alcohol down but with Zinfandel, it’s very hard. It’s an uneven ripener and it usually climbs up into the 15 range w/out difficulty. The one pos is that it also hides it when you drink the wine - that is unless you drink the entire bottle… :wink:

Yup - guilty as charged. Jon Phillips - twstdvn - thanks for remembering - I’m impressed!

The Inspiration person would be twstdvn, and the avatar is the three-eyed cracked out clown.

I’m always just a few seconds too late.

I like the description you used though John, Juicy sounds very appealing to me!! lol

I’m not widely distributed so there’s not much on CT. We pulled a gold medal on the 07 at the Sonoma County Harvest Fair. We haven’t entered the 08. I make less than 200 cases of each, so you’ll won’t find much about these wines or any of the wines that I produce for that matter.

BTW - for both vintages, the vineyard sources are the same. Luigi Muzzin up in Alexander Valley - he runs a small vineyard that I buy exclusively from him. The nose on these wines are consistent from year to year.

Good question - I like your manners! I use only American oak for my zins. Usually it’s predom 1 cooper - EBC M+ and it’s usually about 25% to 30% new. Sometimes I also toss in a Radoux AO barrel.

For 07 - I think I had 1 new Radoux & 1 EBC in the mix and the rest were all 2,3 & 4yo EBC’s.
For 08 - I didn’t use any new, or I can’t remmber, but I don’t think I did. There were likely more once filled EBC’s and maybe a Radoux and the rest were 2yo & 3yo EBC’s.

The end result is that the 08 is jucier w/ less oak influence than the 07 which has better tanins to hold up to bigger fare.

I was actually late - I had been taking a nap with my dogs and forgot the time… I had planned on coming on right at 10pm.

Interesting sales stats for the first two orders… Outside of a few places in California, the only other places that I have sold this wine is in Colorado and Illinois.

I mean, I only make 1500 total cases a year…

Is the pH for the 2007 a typo? It says 3.28, which is down in the white wine range. Especially considering the 2008 is 3.69.

john, how is the drinking window on these? drink now? or wait?