Inspiration Estate Chardonnay (4)

Inspiration Vineyards Russian River Estate Chardonnay 4-Pack
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2008 Inspiration Vineyards Estate Chardonnay, Russian River Valley
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Looks like this might be buttery. Any tasting notes to validate that?

We had this wine just 2 weeks ago and it was fantastic!! This is a wine to help show people that white wines CAN LAST.

We actually had this unchilled and it was amazing. We think it would actually be even more fun a little chilled and then warming up to bring out the change of flavors.

We highly recommend this to anyone who would like to try a Chardonnay that is more of a French style, minerality and fruit.

This winemaker does it right. We’ve had other vintages as well and they all rocked - 2008, 2010, 2011 and 2012 barrel.

Wife says BUY IT !!

You posted the question while I was typing our reaction to the wine…

NO, butter is not a major element.

A bottle of Inspiration Vineyards 2008 RRV Chardonnay landed on my desk at the office, and I decided to try it out Sunday when my GF was making a spicy Asian shrimp dish.

Initially I did a PnP on it, and did not like it at all. Very muted nose, not much going on on the palate.

Fast forward about an hour, dinner is ready, and the wine is more closer to slightly chilled, just a bit below room temp (~70F).

Wow what a difference, completely different, and very, very good!

The color in the glass is a lovely golden yellow. A quick swirl shows lots of long, slow moving legs.

A sniffy sniff provides a beautiful nose of Meyer lemon, and Crème brûlée.

First sip shows a refreshing crispness, a bit of peach/stone fruits, a little butterscotch, perhaps a little bit of butter, but in a well balanced and well rounded way, definitely not a butter bomb.

The finish is a medium finish, creamy, with almost a peaches and cream thing going on.

Overall once the temp raised on this, I really enjoyed it. It drank well solo, and paired very nicely with the spicy Asian shrimp dish, having the acidity to fair well with crunchy Asian spicy sauce. I’ve enjoyed a number of Jon’s wines, he crafts beautiful whites and reds (love, love, love his Zin!!). His Chardonnay’s that I’ve tried (many) have always been delightful, well balanced, and well crafted. If you’re a Chardonnay fan, I believe you will enjoy this one very much!

Can I hire you to write my tasting notes? Thank you very much for your observations!

So it’s 11:15pm and the new press is chugging away working on a wine for one of my clients. In this case, it’s pressing some Muscat from Mendocino County.

I was able to press our 2013 Viognier earlier today and I’m thrilled by the flavors.

If you’d like to learn more about my 2008 Chardonnay, please don’t hesitate to ask. This wine is not a buttery chardonnay, however if you like caramel apple and balanced acidity, you won’t be disappointed.

I plan on staying up late tonight - oh the joys of being a winemaker - so feel free to engage me and I’ll be on and off as the night turns to morning.

Hi Jon,

Was very pleased to enjoy a bottle of your 2008 Chardonnay!

How is the 2013 Harvest shaping up? I’m hearing rumors it may be another great year?

Thanks tons for your appreciation of our 08 Chard…

I think 2013 will be an outstanding year if it doesn’t kill me. EVERYTHING is coming in all at once. Our Chardonnay is holding out - which is a good thing… however with the Pinot’s coming in last week and the Cabs coming in this week, I’m about to drop!

On the upside - I may be completely pressed off by mid-October… CRAZY!

Yes, but do you plan to ship to Louisiana? I’ve bought Inspiration before. If we call the winery directly, can we get it shipped to Louisiana :)??

Yeah, sorry about that. We’re not able to sell wine to some states right now as laws and regulations are continuing to evolve. WD & crew are diligently working through the issues.”

SWMBO and myself happened to have a bottle of this on Sunday, and, even though I am told that I cannot buy wine, I was given permission to buy this. Sadly, I’m in a state where I can’t.

My tasting notes are at home, so this is from memory, which is a little foggy as I’m under the weather.

Color: pale yellow

Nose: apple/citrus zest, nice

Palate: light to medium body, well integrated and structured. Nice acidity. The wine seems bright and fresh. Palate reveals more apple, citrus type flavors, maybe a little peach hidden in there as well. Then, right at the end, there’s a little spiciness that shines through. A pleasant surprise, both she and I thought.

From a stylistic standpoint, I would put this in the class of a French style chablis, although I didn’t pick up much minerality. This is not a big, buttery California chardonnay (which I must admit that I do like as well).

Overall, we liked this, and, we’d be in on this offer! And, now that I notice the price, this is fantastic QPR.

I know we are somewhat neighbors (WI/IL), so Woot it to me in Chicago, if you’d like. We could figure out the logistics of meeting up later.

Give me a shout from our website and I’ll see what i can do…

Thank you for your kind words and review. My goal is to produce a French style Chardonnay - I love them… some vintages also have more mineral than others.

Another offer that, IMO, is very solid. Again, I’d be in, but I’m not supposed to be buying.

Thank you VERY much! I’m thrilled that folks out there appreciate unfiltered Chardonnay’s

Pienka - just figured out that less states can now woot on my wines.

For you and anyone else out there who find themselves in a pickle and can’t buy from woot - PLEASE drop me an email - and I’ll offer you the same deal direct from the winery. I want to help my WOOT friends and WOOT partners - so this is for those who can’t buy from WOOT because of the shipping laws. I’ll step in and figure it out myself.


Actually, oto’s in MN (Twin Cities area, IIRC)