Inspiration Vineyards Burgundian Trio

Inspiration Vineyards Burgundian Trio
$54.99 $104.00 47% off List Price
2010 Chardonnay, Estate, Russian River Valley
2010 Chardonnay, Estate Reserve, Russian River Valley
2010 Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County
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Good to see Jon back, and with a nice voicemail as well.
Numbers on these look quite appealing, and Jon makes them sound classic as well. Almost sad to hear they were filtered, but given an earlier woot I understand.
Wondering if these were all fermented dry?

Hoping the monkeys were busy and we get some reports.
Not gonna take much of a push for me to make room for these.

Jon is always loved here. Looking forward to some good discussion on these wines.

After wine woot’s momentary disappearance a few days ago, I was relieved and pleasantly surprised when a caped screaming monkey deposited a bottle of the 2010 Chardonnay, Estate Reserve, upon my doorstep.

Color was a clear medium straw.

I felt the nose was peach, vanilla and some oak.

Palate was more apple and citrus than the nose suggested and as it warmed butterscotch with subtle oak.

Not a butterbomb chard with this clean finished offering allowing you to experience the fruit flavors.

For some reason I’m not as afraid of flying monkeys as I was in my youth while watching The Wizard of Oz.

The batch of little winged monsters dropped a bottle of Inspiration Vineyards 2010 Chardonnay Estate Reserve…

Pop and pour right out of the refrigerator. Light straw color. For you leg people, and I’m not at all, small slow movers sliding down the glass.

It’s too cold right now, but picking up muted aromas of apple.

Tasting while still a tad too cold for me: light bodied, nice citrus… tart lemon? somewhat lingering finish.

I’m guessing no new oak, so if you are thinking Rombauer walk away. (I see it was about 10% new)

We let it warm up for 30 minutes or so, a few swirls along the way. The nose is similar but a little more pronounced.

As it warms I’m picking up a little pineapple, mouthfeel is rounder and more pleasant. Finish is still about the same. I like it.

Was a busy weekend and somehow lost my lovely bride’s comments but her notes were very similar to mine.

I’m thinking $15 on woot would be a sweet spot, but not put off by the combo pricing.

In for one, maybe two, going to think about this for a minute.

Edit: We had the Reserve,modified my stainless comment. Sorry, doing taxes too right now :frowning:

Should have mentioned, not a hint of RS to us on the Reserve chardonnay.

Edit: I had the reserve, not the regular estate.

Hi All - thanks for having me back! A few quick comments

  • ALL of the wines are totally dry.

  • The Pinot is not a huge oaky zin style, but light, more like a French Burgundy. It’s also sitting at around 13.9 alc.

  • For those who like my unfiltered wines, sorry… but I’ve had to learn a few lessons about filtration or not to sell wine. I’m going w/ filtered whites every time now…

The short story is I put the Reserve Chardonnay blend together just days after returning from Burgundy while I had White Burgundy imprinted on my brain. It’s the best 9 barrels out of 20 and yes, only 10% of the barrels were new oak. It’s not a rOmbower :slight_smile:

If you want to see my passion on screen, visit: - I used this wine for the Cellar Angels promotion.

Thanks again for having me back - if you have any questions, I’ll be on and off the boards all day.

Meant to thank the monkeys who reviewed the wines. Thank you!!

In for one, probably would two if not for this tax form in front me.

Question on a different Inspiration wine. I see a 2013 Dry Creek Valley zinfandel at a nice futures price on the website. Notes/comments? I need some zin in that price range.


I was fortunate to find a bottle of the 10 Pinot in my cellar.

Upon opening holy horse a@@ does this have some stink! An hour in the decanter and this is not for the feint of heart. Flavors are earthy, very tart cranberry and some delicious pure cherry hiding in the background. Medium + acid and fine grained tannin on a nice finish.

Day two and i’m telling you this funky stink would make an old Musar blush. Taste has not changed at all. It’s quite tart and maybe some time would help it calm down.

I’m on the fence with this one…I can take a lot of funk but it was a bit too tart for me.

Thanks for the feedback - not sure I would agree with the nose comments. Just did a tasting in SoCal and it was my best seller w/ a nose of hints of toasty oak and not horse a#@. But hey - I just make it… :wink:

I dunno, the bottle was delivered warm…brett bloom??

It’s an education thing. I remember that '08 PN and still have some.
How were they holding up when you last pulled a cork?

Can you compare this '10 to the '08?

An interesting thought.
It is my understanding brett develops slowly at normal cellar temperatures, but ~20C is ideal for growth. But if that was the cause, a bloom in only a couple of days?

I know not likely, I was just throwing something out there?

Any fizz or spritz?

First I’ve heard of bret - especially in my wines. Bad cork, yes - bret w/ barnyard, etc., never. So don’t know what to say - would have liked to have shared it with you. Can tell you that your perception of acid also puzzles me because I find the wine on the high side, yet now after some bottle age it’s balanced.


Medium + for me is good acid, If I would have said high acid that would have meant slice your tongue up acid. And no doubt there was a Horse a@@ in my bottle which does not bother me so much but some people (SWMBO) can’t handle it :slight_smile:

Thanks RJQUILLIN - the 10 is from a different vineyard near my vineyard in the Russian River Valley.

As I write - I’m smelling a glass I just poured from a bottle I opened yesterday, late in the day:

On the nose, hints of toasted oak, damp earth, leather and dark cherry.

On the palate, dark cherry, solid acid but less than the 08.

This wine is a food wine, and like all French style Pinot Noir’s it’s fickle because sometimes it shows extremely well, while at other times it’s really shut down.

I think this is a much better vintage and wine than the 08 - but still true to it’s roots. It’s also the last Pinot Noir I made under the Inspiration label - because Pinot Noir is a DEVA!