Inspiration Vineyards Chardonnay Mix (4)

Inspiration Vineyards Estate Chardonnay Mix 4-Pack
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2010 Chardonnay Estate, Russian River Valley
2010 Chardonnay Estate Reserve, Russian River Valley
2011 Chardonnay Estate Reserve, Russian River Valley
2011 Chardonnay Estate, Russian River Valley
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No wine.woot wootoff? What the heck? Bummer.

This seems like an excellent deal on some interesting Chard. I’m buying the Heart Rate monitor on Sport.woot, so I’m in for one of these as well to tag along in the shipping costs.

Everyone else is slow on the uptake tonight if I’m both the first and last sucker.

I believe they have offered their Chardonnay on woot before. I do not have formal notes, but do remember it being exceptional.

Nice review of the 2010 Estate Russian River:

Interestingly I came across a bottle of the 2011 Estate ( not reserve), and as a fan of Inspiration’s zins had to give it a try. Tasted with some family members before and during dinner.
The wine is a pale straw color, very bright and clear in the glass. On the nose I picked up notes of pineapple with some flowery hints. On tasting it was very crisp with some apple as well as the pineapple present on the nose. The mouth feel was not buttery like the stereotypical California chard, but still had a richness to it. One of my co-tasters found this to be most notable (in a positive way). The finish was fairly short, clean and citrusy.
One of the other tasters, before I shared my notes, picked up pineapple sherbet - not pineapple but pineapple sherbet - on the nose. All noticed the crispness and freshness. Definitely not an oak and butter bomb.

We had grilled fresh wild sockeye salmon for dinner and, while not the best pairing, it was clear this is a very food friendly wine. Looking forward to trying the other bottles in the offer.

Dang. No wine woot off???

Hi All - Jon here from Inspiration. Please let me know if you have any questions about this offering.

In addition to making this wine, I also grew all of the grapes.

The 2010 is showing really nicely right now and yes JOSEPH1951, I believe we offered the two 2010’s sometime last year just after release.

Thank you REDWINEFAN for being the 1st! And also thank you to UBLINK for the nice review.

Chardonnay is my passion - here’s a link to a video I made out in my vineyard in case you’re interested:

This is pretty much a slam dunk purchase for me. Inspiration Vineyards is becoming an Auto Buy for me, as I’ve purchased their wines in previous woot offerings, and have been very pleased.

I especially like the fact that Jon gave up his “day” job to pursue wine making. His passion for producing a quality product really shines through in his wines. I’m confident that these Chardonnays will be YUMMY (non-technical term for good wine).

In for 2!

Last Wooter to Woot: emccarl


My big goal this year is to reinvest everything I’m earning into a new press, and I can hardly wait. The press is here - just waiting for me to pay it off - kind of like “lay-a-way” and it will go extremely far in helping me with our white wine program!

I really appreciate your continued support!


A question for all you Wine Woot buying experts: I purchased the Wellington summer whites on July 1. There is still no tracking information available. Have any of you experienced shipping problems in terms of delays that ruined your wine? This is my third time buying wine here, and each time has been extremely frustrating.

It will take 2-3 weeks to receive your wine, sometimes even slightly longer during the summer, but that’s unusual.

Do you have a tracking number, but no additional information? If so, I’m guessing you are somewhere other than the west coast. During the summer you will get a tracking number when the shipping information is generated by the winery. The wine then will typically get shipped partially across the country in a refrigerated truck (not fed-ex) and you will get no tracking updates during this period. Once it arrives at whatever hub it is destined for, it will finally hit the fed-ex tracking system and be in-route to you, usually only a 2-day trip to your doorstep.

It is done in this manner during the summer to protect the wine from heat damage. The process sometimes take a little longer, which can be frustrating, but it is certainly done in your best interests. If by some bad luck, your wine still arrives damaged, just contact woot support and they will take care of you.

Hope this helps.

Would be in for 2, just a bit concerned with shipping in this New York heat wave

Very very helpful! Thanks so much…

Summertime shipping ($7) is in effect, so it will come via refrigerated trucks. You also have a 2 day shipping option during the summer for $3 extra. If anything doesn’t arrive in good order, Woot’s customer service is great and will take care of you.

WD works with the wineries and between them, they have shipping down to an art. As mentioned above, we are also in Summer Shipping mode so extra precautions are taken.

I have to preface with I am not typically a Chardonnay drinker. That being said, I was pleasantly surprised with the 2011 Estate Reserve bottle that arrived last week.

I picked up notes of pineapple along with a hint of apple (green?) and some light citrus (grapefruit maybe, but not in a tart way.) what I most enjoyed was that this was NOT at all buttery–if that’s what you look for in a Chardonnay you won’t find it here. The Chard was crisp and clean throughout and a real pleasure!

Worst Woot-off killer I have ever seen!


I bought some of the 2008 Estate Chardonnay in a Feb. 2012 Woot. Just had the last bottle earlier this spring, and it was really excellent. I love Chardonnay, and that was one of the better ones I’d had for a while. Thanks!

How would these compare to the 2008? And would you recommend drinking now, or holding them?