Inspiration Vineyards Dry Creek Valley Mixed Red - 2 Pack

Inspiration Vineyards Dry Creek Valley Mixed Red - 2 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
1 2009 Syrah Dry Creek Valley
1 2008 Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Creek Valley
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The Syrah is $36 and the Cab is $48 on the winery website, about 35% off of retail excluding shipping.

Ordered the Zins a while back. Opened up one of each and was impressed with the quality of the wines. I get the sense that this winery is a gem… one of those wineries that put a lot of effort into the quality (rather than quantity) of their wines.

I’ll post my review upon receipt for the Syrah. I plan on holding the cab for a few years (actually, it will probably be weeks, knowing my past practice).

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That’s my 2nd “first sucker” title. Yay me!

Thanks Todd - you are correct. I was also talked into this woot by our friend Texicali - she thought it would be great to offer this two pack upon “worldwide” release.

As for holding our '08 cab vs. the '09 syrah - if I were you, I’d reverse that decision. The 09 is tight right now - Don’t get me wrong - I’m totally thrilled about this wine, however it will still need some time because it’s so young… while the '08 cab has smooth silky tannins making it really approachable now.

Both wines will hold up - and - they will likely be gone a year from now… so if you do like them, you better re-order soon…

Thank you for being the first woot!

Thrilled to see that Illinois made a woot so late in the evening - I’ll be there in a couple of weeks roaming the state. If you are from Illinois, please drop me a line…

That sounds like a good deal.

Since you only make a total of 1,500 cases annually, it appears that every wine you produce is limited production. Could you provide some more information on the number of cases of each of these wines that were produced.

I agree completely. Hubby and I just enjoyed the 2008 Zin Friday night from the last offering. If the Zins are an indicator of Inspiration’s craftsmanship, today’s offering should be equally impressive.

I’m from the Land of Lincoln - western burbs. Where will you be heading?

Winery website indicates 70 cases of 2009 Syrah and 133 cases of 2008 Cabernet were produced…so VERY LIMITED production.

But…Why NO CS produced in 2007?

Is there some official rule for use of this icon? How exactly does a wine receive this prestigious label?

I did a google search for “Black Tie Buy” and all I found was another Woot thread asking the same thing.

I only made 133 cases of the Cab and 140 cases of the Syrah. Production varies slightly from year to year, however I’m really trying to focus on quality not quantity as one wootster pointed out…

My goal is to grow to not more than 3000 cases per year total production and for now, 1500 works for me.

these get my big stamp of LIKE. I sat down with Jon and tasted both last August, took the Cabernet with me and tasted over the next 3 days after - very pretty reds.

I’m hoping to update my events page this week, however I know that I will be in Creston (near DeKalb) on a Friday evening (not sure if it will be on the 11th or 18th) and then down in Bloomington on the 12th and up in Libertyville and Grayslake on the 19th.

Two reasons - the grower came up short in 2007 and asked if he could skip me - and my checkbook… I committed to, & made a very nice Pinot Noir that same year and spent my $$$ there.

It was during that harvest that I quit my day-job and needed to really watch my pennies. Yes - I’m kicking myself now, but who knew at the time how good 2007 would be?

so how’s harvest treating you this year Jon? Big thanks for the Vintners Voicemail message too - good info. today.

Phew is all I can say. In fact, I’m going to need to jump off the boards for a few hours to receive some fruit at the winery at 9.

This has been an interesting harvest. Our Chardonnay, Zinfandel and Syrah’s are all in.

I have our Old Vine Zin fermenting - along with the Zinfandel. Half of our Cab has come in and the other half I’m hoping to come in tomorrow.

Fruit quality for my sources all are great - and in some cases, sugars are coming in lower than last year and acids are coming in higher - just what I like! I’m also at that stage in the harvest where I’m looking forward to it being over… I’m tired all the time!

coffee - more coffee! is the zinfandel from your property along Olivet Rd.?

I was in Sonoma last weekend and meant to actually visit the inspiration tasting room but ran out of time. And to think I could have faux ratted these.
Maybe next time.

Jon, I have done a tasting with you in socal and enjoyed speaking with you and of course your wine. Your estate Zin was awesome. Keep it up, your gaining a following around these parts.