Inspiration Vineyards Mixed Reds (4)

Inspiration Vineyards Mixed Sonoma Reds 4-Pack
$79.99 $152.00 47% off List Price
2012 Grenache, Sonoma Valley
2012 Zinfandel, Russian River Valley, Old Vines/Estate
2011 Syrah, Dry Creek Valley
2012 Zinfandel, Dry Creek Valley
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Jon here & online for a few more minutes b4 I crash thanks to a very crazy 2014 crush… I’m happy to answer your questions about this latest round on WOOT - or - talk about wine in general!

This may be my last WOOT offering for a very long time… Time to try a very fun offering while you can!

Good to see you back Jon, and these really look tempting. Since we don’t seem to get the vintner voicemail anymore, anything else to add?

Last offering…!?

Welcome back jon, this looks like a really nice line up!

WOW - recorded the VV friday morning - so not sure why it didn’t make it either… also - there is a vid too!!!

Grenache - foot stomped & 11% alc - nice strawberry & watermelon notes - Awesome food wine.

Zin (DC) - Dan Berger recently gave it an EXCEPTIONAL must buy!!! - 13.1% alc - balanced acid & raspberry notes - very happy with this wine!

Zin (RR) - my Estate Old Vine - I think this is the first time I’ve had enough to offer on WOOT - usually only 50 cases produced - in this case, we managed to get 100 thanks to a great year. Full of tons of spice, black pepper, white pepper, cardamom, spice rack with a deep blueberry foundation. Awesome wine that will age quite well and is the $50 wine in the bunch!

2011 Syrah - our newest release. Lots of mocha, berry, chocolate, coffee. This is a big wine that after a couple of sips, you’ll finish the bottle and wonder what happened for the rest of the evening.

WOOT Neil recorded this video - not sure why it didn’t get linked up with this offer… but here I am making the Grenache in 2012!


[MOD EDIT] Embedded video.

Thank you very much! Good to be back for one more offer… this may be my last for a long time.

Thanks to Amazon, more changes are in the works that will be costly for us little guys. It’s hard to say when I’ll be able to offer something to WOOT again.

I’m asking for everyone’s support for this really awesome RED 4-pack - especially since I’m offering our Old Vine Zinfandel.

AND - a BIG thank you for the kind support of the WOOT community!

This must have something to do with mothership and licensing that Clark was talking about earlier.

I’m in.

Thanks Jon.

ps. Has some of the unfiltered PN from way back the the other day. Keep it up.

I hope Amazon doesn’t overdo it with the red tape. Appreciate the heads-up, in for 2 sets!

If this were FB - THUMBS UP!!! Short term, there will be impact - long term, time will tell for us little guys. It’s about economics.

If anyone in the mothership is listening, pay attention to this type of thing. You’re losing (us) a winery, we the community like and who makes this place so special. You’re going to kill this place. Stop fucking with it.

Thank you from my heart! I still have some of that 2008 too… BTW - I’m now on my 2nd vintage for a client who loves what I’m producing. Enough so (along with peeps like you who kicked me in the head) I’m making Pinot again!!! I’ve got 2 bbls of 2014 RRV Pinot fermenting now in fact! Very excited!

Plz don’t blame WCC (the facilitator) of WINE.woot - they are doing what they need to for the greater good… what they’re asking (on behalf of mother-ship AMAZON (aka BIG target)) is CYA and ultimately the right thing for wineries to do if they want to sell wines inter-state.

It’s giving me much to think about - and WCC is doing everything they can to help us work within the new standards.

WOOT is successful and AMAZON owns WOOT. WCC has other channels to play in - and (if I haven’t black listed myself for being open) you’ll find me in other places.

If I can make sense of these changes, I’ll be back… but I know it will take some time. (and some time for others like me)

We’re not squawking at you Jon, or, for those that pay attention, WCC/WD either. It’s been all too clear where the issue resides. It just pisses us off what has been done to WW in general. Consider the number of states that ~still~ have not been restored.

It impacts us all, wooters and WCC directly; mothership, well, clearly not so much.

Now, wondering what TTL will be for this post…

The market speaks, if the changes amazon makes kill the site then they will have to go back to the drawing board. I have found myself not buying much this year, mostly due to budgets but in the past the deals have over come this. Not so much now!


BTW, this looks like a fantastic set of bottles! I have a birthday next month, just saying…

I tasting all these wines earlier this year and can say they are all excellent, delicious, perfectly balanced and expertly crafted!

Sounds like a gift for yourself is in order… :wink: