Insta Heat Hand Warmers 5-Pack

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Insta Heat Hand Warmers 5-Pack
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Bought these during the last woot off and they arrived today. Super fast shipping woot! Buuttt… they kinda suck. I have been looking for this type of warmer for a while because I like that they are reusable and remember them from when I was a kid. I have been using the kind that are air activated and have some sort of powdered chemicals inside. They always seem to be hit or miss with how long they last.
I tried one right out of the padded envelope and it lasted 8 minutes… It takes longer to boil it so you can reuse it. Actually the heat it held from being boiled lasted longer. Just messing with it accidentally activated it a second time and it did last a bit longer with about 12 minutes. So maybe they just need used a bit to extend them. When you do boil them make sure all crystals are gone! If not you will end up starting all over again. Hope this helps =)

Thanks for the heads up about these. I think I’ll pass. Besides Amazon’s price is about the same.

I received mine yesterday as well. I just activated one and put it in my knit glove whilst sitting here and the heat lasted a good 20 minutes. Not as long as the disposable heat packs, but I do agree with mvanco about how the disposables are hit or miss on how long they last. The reason that I bought them in the first place is the fact that they are reusable. I feel that they are worth the price.

Wow 10 to 20 minutes of heat? I understand now why they ended up on woot. I can buy packs of the disposable ones for a lot less than this and get a lot more run time out of them. I was attempting to be environmentally conscious but the hell is the point in a product that keeps you warm for a few minutes at best? Whoever made this should be ashamed that they got to the production phase without scrapping the idea.

Think Geek was selling a 5 pack for 4.99 with free shipping. I bought them a week ago and am waiting for them to arrive… hopefully with better results.

bought these in past… worked great, but had zero patience, zero time, zero memory to boil these things to work again… they were extremely inconvenient to re-use… other than that…liked clicking to activate… worked well… but remember you need to prepare to use these… that’s remembering to boil

I had a type of re-usable heater in college but it was a heater and an ice pack, you could alternate between the two. I had high hopes, but you all have definitely helped with the decision. Thanks!

These are worse than the disposable ones on the environment. It takes 20-30 minutes of boiling each time you use them and the heat they provide is less than the heat you used to get them ready for use!

I own 5 of these … yep, they suck … last 15 minutes tops, and the heat is lukewarm. The IDEA of having reusable packs is tempting, but DON’T DO IT !!!

Well, yeah, the laws of thermodynamics guarantee that.

I’m confused as to why they come in a pack of five. Don’t the majority of people have two hands? It would seem logical, then, that they would come in packs of multiples of two.

We use some of these for my son’s weekly infusions. They work great for that. We have several already, and I am picking up more. It does take some time to boil them, so I have enough for a couple weeks, then I boil them every couple weeks. It works well for us.

I just had write a quick note about the masterful write up for these… being one of the “Cold People” it had me laughing out loud.

Horrible reviews on

Probably a marketing trick to get you to buy two packs for an even number.

Heh, I asked that same question.

just have to remember to boil them after you make pasta is all.

Where do you live? at high altitude? I just boiled four of them and it took 5 minutes.

why are they 5 packs. no one has 5 hands?