Insta Heat Hand Warmers 5-Pack

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Insta Heat Hand Warmers 5-Pack
Price: $9.99
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So how long does a single use actually generate heat for, then?

Other similar products last from 30-45 minutes depending on starting temperature. Meaning if it was activated outside in extreme cold, it wouldn’t last as long as if it was activated in your jacket pocket.

Comments from a previous offer

I bought these same exact ones and they will never go back to the original state. Some were already snapped and the one that actually got hot lasted about 15min. Don’t buy!!! Thanks to woot for taking care of the issue, Gata hand it to there customer service A+.

I got these exact ones on a previous offer. A number of things that make these not a deal. 1) significantly smaller than the regular ones. Both in LxW, but also thickness. 2)they do not get as hot as the regular ones. Regular ones are too warm for me to hold against my bare skin. These I can hold directly on my skin until they cool. 3) Regular ones last 45-60min. These are more like 15-25min. Knowing what I know now, the price would have to be around $1 each to make it a reasonable choice.

These last much shorter than the regular ones.

I got this 5-pack when it was the appsclusive (is that how it’s spelled?) and they work okay. They only stay warm for 20-30 minutes (as previously stated) before they start to cool down. They don’t get overly hot, which is good if you want to hold them, but not super useful if it’s REALLY COLD out. They are pretty small, which is good for portability, less so for heat generation & duration.

One didn’t activate when I tried getting it to heat up (and I tried for a while) but when I went back to it about 10 hours later it activated on the first snap (usually takes 2 snaps to get them going)

So far they’ve all taken to “recharging” well enough: boil some water, throw them in for a few minutes until they’re translucent gel again, cool, use.

If you’re using them for minor heat in light-moderate cold wether, then they’re alright for the price. If you’re dealing with snow, or extended time in the cold then you could find a better product.

TL;DR: They’re pretty okay, I use mine, they work.

I’d LuV to give my opinion on these, but am still waiting on the batch I bought on 12/9 :frowning:

I use these in a bit of a different way–i have fibromyalgia, and suffer year round with muscle knots at the traditionally described trigger points… massage and heat are the best weapons against the intense pain that can incapacitate me if not addressed quickly.

The heat from these is not so much to burn, but is quite good for knot release and thus pain reduction. I am able to keep several of them in my deask draer and nightstand for immediate use.

After use, I recharge them by placing them in a pyrex bowl and use additional tea kettle water poured over them…it works pretty well for this purpose, and I am buying more. YMMV…

I bought these last time. They lasted about 15 minutes before they got cold. I don’t recommend them.

These are listed as a 5-pack, but the picture shows 20 of them? Are there five or twenty?

That’s a generic Amazon picture - apparently they took one shot and use it (or cropped versions) for all of the Insta Heat multi-packs.

My money’s on there being 5.

Save your money for the disposable ones from Walmart. These don’t even last 30 minutes. Very disappointed in the ones I purchased earlier in the month.

In for two 5-packs. I have a different brand of these with a less flexible package material, and over time (rather quickly, actually), that material puckered and I was worried about it springing a leak. I had a couple like this with the vinyl package but I destroyed them on the first recharge by boiling the pot dry.

If you are comparing these to the oxygen-activated ones, don’t. They are for different purposes. The dry ones work by the material inside the breathable pouch oxidizing (rusting, essentially), and it takes 15-30 minutes to get warmth. These are for instant heat that fills that time gap.

Several of these will be going in each car along with the oxygen-activated ones.

…I still haven’t received my Insta Heat Hand Warmers that I purchased on 12/9/15 when they last had this sale. I paid for the, shipped with two-day delivery speed, get it in two business days…

15 - 20 minutes.

I have 15 from a previous sale around a month ago, and the heat lasts between 30 minutes and an hour (but by the end of the hour it’s barely warm.)

Two of them leaked in shipping and I threw them away. A couple of them also got activated in shipping. I haven’t boiled any yet to reset them.