Insta Heat Hand Warmers 5-Pack

Bought these on the last go-around… First, one out of 5 didn’t have the “activation disc” in it at all (so that went in the trash). The other four have an “activation disc” that is sooooo hard to manipulate that it is impossible for children to use and even I struggle with it. These are NOT quality hand warmers and not worth $10.

I bought these previously and they all went in the trash. Was only able to activate one. It stayed warm for about 2 minutes. The other packs were too difficult to try and activate without fear of breaking. Not worth the money and hassle. Very poor quality.

Bought 2 sets prior - both got refunded. Two of them sprung a leak, four of them would not reactive in hot water. All of them only stayed hot/warm for about 5 mins. Ugh.

Sounds like they will stay warm for a minute after being in a microwave for 30 seconds.

Same experience as other wooters… one leaked after boiling to reset. sometimes have to snap many many times before they react.

Mine are GREAT. I have NO trouble reactivating them and occasionally have to click the disk two or three times to activate it but never more. Last Saturday they kept my hands warm and comfortable for over an hour while I was at a photo shoot at a nature preserve with wind chills in the teens. Definitely buying more.

Got these right after Christmas and have been using them a lot. My 11 year old grandson has no problem activating them and has been using the same two for 3 weeks while waiting at the school bus stop in the mornings. Have had no problems with them at all. They stay hot/warm for over an hour. The first time we tried to reactivate them in boiling water we only boiled them for 3 minutes. They turned hard while they were cooling. We have boiled them for 5 minutes since then and they work great!

I bought these before Christmas, thinking I would try them as a reuseable alternative to hand warmers. I found they did not stay hot very long. I will keep looking.

They’re fascinating to watch work.
One of my 5 was very difficult to activate.
They don’t last very long at all.
They’re a near novelty, but not good enough for what they’re designed to do.

Who sells hand warmers in a FIVE pack!!!
Does this make any sense at all, barring a severe industrial accident?

exactly why I’m buying one today to go with the set I bought last go round! These don’t last long but I like the fact that they are reusable. We use them to keep hands warm while waiting for the bus.

I bought these last time. They aren’t as good as most other brands. (Harder to initialize, don’t last as long.) However, they are the perfect size to fit inside this headband instead of disposable warmers.

For $2 each, it’s worth it just because of the size.
(As hand warmers, though, I wouldn’t buy them.)

Bought 2 packs. They only stay warm for about 2 minutes. A really great idea that does not deliver.