Insta Heat Hand Warmers 5-Pack

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Insta Heat Hand Warmers 5-Pack
Price: $9.99
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I got these last time. They actually do work and can be boiled in water to “recharge.”

Bought these last time woot had them. Only heat for about 90 minuts. Recharged one time and then would not recharge again. The one time use pocket heaters are a better bargain.

Mine are GREAT. I have NO trouble reactivating them and occasionally have to click the disk two or three times to activate it but never more. Last Saturday they kept my hands warm and comfortable for over an hour while I was at a photo shoot at a nature preserve with wind chills in the teens. Definitely buying more.

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I love these things! I’ve used a larger version as a bed warmer on particularly cold nights.

Bought a pack last time they were on Woot to use as stocking-stuffers for Christmas, big hit. This particular brand seems more cheaply-made than most, but they’ll keep your hands warm, and they do recharge easily.(Remember to boil it until all of the crystals are gone, or they’ll recrystallize when they cool down.)

These things work by storing thermal energy by dissolving a salt(usually sodium acetate) in a super-saturated solution, which is then released when the salt crystallizes. This particular brand appears to use a less saturated solution than most, which would explain the short lifetime, and we found they usually take 2 or 3 “pops” to activate, unlike most. Having said that, my brother used one on a walk right after Christmas, and he said that it lasted the perfect amount of time.

Bought a set of these, followed the instructions exactly. Only 1 survived boiling the others all melted and the liquid ran out rendering them useless. The one that survived hardened up like it should have reset but never worked again.

I’d like to contact the company if possible for a new set or refund.

[QUOTE=Entity325, post:6, topic:533310]
I love these things! I’ve used a larger version as a bed warmer on particularly cold nights.
I MUCH prefer a sexy,warm & cuddly Lass as the ideal “Bed-Warmer”!!

I got 2 sets of these last time, and am very familiar with this type of device.

  1. Don’t have expectations that these are replacements for the single-use hand warmers. They work differently and on different time scales. These last 20-60 minutes, but provide instant heat. When you need heat fast, these are the solution. If you need long-lasting heat, use the disposable ones and wait for them to warm up, usually 20-60 minutes. These fill the gap while the single-use hand warmers are warming up.

  2. Be careful when recharging these. Put a paper towel in the bottom of the pan, put an inch or two of water in, bring it to a boil, lower the heat to simmer, and put these in on top of the paper towel. The water does not need to be boiling to recharge these. A rolling boil will cause them to float around the pan and contact the edges of the pan above the water line, which will melt the plastic and they will be destroyed. Oh, and don’t walk away and let the pan boil dry for obvious reasons.

  3. As another person noted, simmer them until ALL of the crystals have disappeared, then take them out and let them cool.

  4. Don’t reactivate them while they are hot.

  5. When you activate one, immediately squish the contents between your fingers and thumbs to make it pliable. It’s much nicer to use if you can shape it a bit.

If you understand these and treat them properly, they will last a good long time. I am in for 3 more 5-packs to give away as gifts. This is a decent price if you get more than one set to lower the per-unit shipping.

These were terrible. They didnt hold heat for long and fell apart after boiling a few times. I would not recommend them

My wife got something similar for free one time at a sex toy party lol. not quite sure what they have to do with sex but hey who am i to judge!

These work for 5-10 min max.

I have 2 larger warmers, and they last about 30min.

I bought 10 of these (2 packs). they are ok when you trigger the next one after 10min. and don’t mind carrying the used ones.

-I would not recommend these.

As it seems like most everything on Woot, its just ok.

I noticed an odor when I got these! They don’t get too hot either!
I’m sticking with the others that I have!

For the family of the one-armed man.

Thought these were a gimmick last time, but for the price, I took a chance. They actually work. I found myself quickly sharing them in mid-December with my fellow compadres who were ringing bells with me for the red kettle while standing outside in wind chill temps in the single digits for 2 hours. Everyone asked me where I got them.

I’m in for three more!

These are great! A super solution of sodium acetate that crystallizes around the few grains of metal that come off the disk when it is clicked.

  1. You have to be careful when you boil them. If they touch the hot pan it will melt the plastic. Put them in a sock THEN boil it. For bigger ones I use an old pillow case.

  2. You also have to boil it until every last crystal is in the solution and the solution is clear or the magic won’t work.

  3. Knead the crap out of it and it will produce better heat for longer.

Pretty worthless. The pack will get hot for 10 minutes, warm for another 10, then nothing. Second use (after recharge) is even worse. It only got slightly warm.

I was completely amazed with the science behind this when I first saw it. It’s the closest I’ve ever come to thinking something might be witchcraft. I own quite a few of these and I haven’t had a problem with them not recharging or melting. Leaking can be an issue from time to time and these small ones don’t hold the heat very long. Add in the fact that you can get these for about $10 online elsewhere, this deal is nothing special and I’d recommend that you pass. If you want to buy something like this, buy one of the larger ones that will stay hot longer.

Super disappointing… Had the Hot Snaps brand for years before they stopped working. Got these as a replacement and they don’t get nearly as hot. If you really want something that will get your hands warm get Hot Snaps. More expensive but worth the money in my opinion. These are going in the trash. $20 wasted.