Insta-Heat Reuseable Hand Warmers

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Insta-Heat Reuseable Hand Warmers
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Here is a video review:

Shouldn’t hand warmers come in multiples of two?

You hold it between your hands. Works great, just put in hot boiling water to reset them.

Didn’t get enough last year of these! Great gifts.

yeah, except the people that buy this for work may need two. That said; you’ll actually (probably) need to buy two. Double the price in your head.

Does anyone know how long they stay warm?

Two reviews at the mothership, both one star.
Heat lasts 45 min - 90 min, according to reviews.

That makes driving a bit precarious.

Hard to do this outdoors or when driving.

Even indoors, a microwave would be more helpful.

Besides, if I have to wait for water to boil, isn’t it much quicker just to hold my hands under warm running water from the sink faucet.

How long does a pizza stay warm?

About eleventeen squards.

It’s a function of ambient temperature and insulation. If you activate and put one in a mitten with your hand, it will last longer than if you simply hold it in your hand. It lasts longer if you are on a 50 degree hay-ride versus a 20 degree sleigh-ride. If you want them to really last a long time, use them in a sauna.

There are a certain number of calories of heat in the Sodium Acetate fluid, when they are gone you have to put them back in. If you maximize the transfer of calories to your body, and minimize transfer to the environment, you get more use out of them.

That’s consistent with my experience. If you’re looking for something to keep your hands warm through your kid’s hockey game, you may want to consider getting an extra set.

I like these for shoulder-season camping, because I can throw one or two in the bottom of my sleeping bag to help keep my toes warm while I’m falling asleep. In the morning, I recharge them when I’m boiling water for my tea.

For ice-fishing and the like, where I know I’ll be out for hours and hours, I still use the disposable eight-hour hand warmers. Bringing two dozen of the rechargeable ones is just impractical.

These have been a big hit every time I’ve bought more, between the convenience and cool factor. They seem to last about 30-60 minutes, and I’ve used them to warm chilly hands, feet, and even my bed when it’s particularly cold out. The only question is whether I’m in for 1 or 4.

I thought the same thing. Although the average number of hands per person in the world is less than 2.

Read the description. If you double the order you will receive either 10 or 40. 5 and 20 are both more than one in most societies.

You might want to look in to Zippo’s hand warmer. It’s fuel based, without a(n external) flame. When full, lasts ~8 hours, but it can just be refilled and started up again.

I bought these last year and am very disappointed. They worked great for the first use, but that’s it! I pulled them out last month and several of them had crystallized and would not go back to working form. Beware!

Did you try boiling them for a while? I saw a video review the last time we sold these, where a person explained that if you didn’t boil them all the way the crystals would re-form.

These come in packs of 5 or 20.

A follow-up question to the statement “they come in packs of 5 or 20”…

…is the 20pack actually 4x 5packs?

I ask, because I want to gift some of these and split up a 20pack, but hope they are still contained in some type of packaging so I can split a 20pack 4 ways.

These would be great for that 30-40 min walk with my dog. I don’t need the 8hour hand warmer for something like that.

These are are really cool…er, warm. I have a bunch of this brand and a few of the Hot Snapz brand. IMO, Hot Snapz is a better product, but at this price, this is a good deal.

I agree with the timing, 45-90 minutes, depending on where you put it. They take about 15-20 minutes in boiling water. I also like to not put too many in the water at once, and once they are done I pour the whole pot in the sink and then fill with a few inches of cold water. Not sure why, but it seems when I let them cool off in water before being activated, they tend to last a little longer.