Instant Gentleman

Because we need to see more torso?!?!??!?!? I like that it comes with printed on instructions.

This is definitely a good bar tshirt! Talk smack to some lushes, then, BOOM! INSTANT GENTLEMAN!

“No you can’t have my number!”
~he lifts shirt~
“Oh my! Well hello there sir! Would you like to have my number?”

Alas, I would end up smacking a great number of ‘gentlemen’ who tried to follow the given instructions while I was wearing the shirt.

Also good to use when getting free samples at Costco, when you don’t want them to know you went back for a second sample.

Hmm, I was really really hoping for a Shirt-Off :frowning:

Last woot off was probably the first time in a long while I actually bought things in the main woot off but the Shirt-Off was amazing!

There’ll be smooth sailin’
‘cause I’m trimmin’ my sails
With a bright shine on my shoes and on my nails
In my top hat and my white tie and my tails

–aaahh so that’s what it feels like to be classy

What a deal… Since I’m already sporting a mustache this is a two for one!

To be fair, it does say to pinch and lift.

Thank you Woot for featuring my latest “masterpiece”. And thank you Wooters for your support! This one was inspired by an ongoing issue with beloved wife. She’s always accusing me of not being enough of a gentleman. Well… Now what can she possibly say? BAM! Problem solved.

I hadn’t thought of this. Brilliant!

Perfect to go with a collapsible top hat kept down the back of your pants* (availble in all good magic shops).

Nice design, sir. :^)

The words should be printed upside down so the wearer could read them. That’s who the instructions are for after all.

Wear it under a suit and instantly transform yourself into Paul F. Tompkins at a moment’s notice.

If only the “pinch and lift” dots were over the nipples. That’s the real way to get someones attention in an emergency.

It’s more a shirt-halfway-off, I’d think… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice shirt, but as a hirsute female with a healthy beard, this shirt stands to exacerbate an already uncomfortable issue.

Many who think of purchasing this may also want to get something to work their abdominal muscles to multiply the effect.

Or at least prevent it from being completely diminished…

Took me forever to figure this out. I thought it was a reference to “mustache rides”!
I guess in my book
“mustache ride = perfect gentleman”