Instant Pot Official Baking Set

Instant Pot Official Baking Set




Is this the bag only or BOC?

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It says InstantPot, but it’s for an air fryer?!?!

Did someone say pot?


“Bag Only”


I am guessing that will be explained in the fine print.

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Why/how is baking equipment be needed for an instant pot? Even the air fryer attachment is self contained.

(and you also get that darling cat image on it.)
(and although I haven’t used my b’day woot!'Kat bag, the 2nd gen M&M insulated bag is tres nice)

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I read it as “Official Pot”


Ah TT, you’re so adorbs!


Maybe a great size for my (not) full-sized 10 in one air fry oven.
The oven hasn’t been impressive as was claimed. It is in need of useful cookware.